Headlines for Saturday:

  1. I am going to have it all (75 words)
  2. Park play; A Midsummer Night's Dream (155 words)



1. I am going to have it all: 01:19

I have decided to do extraordinarily well, and to live the fullest life I can. That means a rich and fulfilling full-time career, great friendships, probably marriage and kids, and the time and energy and finances to develop my self the way I want to.

I am going to have it all. I believe that it's possible.

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2. Park play; A Midsummer Night's Dream: 23:13

More exercise at the park today. I did three sets of five assisted chin-ups and assorted other exercises, although I still have far to go before I can even make it across the monkey bars. W- and J- beat me every single time: running, climbing poles... Must remind myself that I shouldn't feel bad that they're fitter than I am. <laugh> Will instead focus on getting better!

We watched the Dream in High Park performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The mechanicals' play-within-a-play was hilarious! J- loved it, and so did W- and I. This production's Puck was a terrific acrobat and he was so much fun to watch. And the fight scene between the four lovers—that was awesome!

I heart AMND.

Tomorrow: tea party, write article for Booksnake, start planning my own get-together...

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