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1. Preparing for defense: 23:11

My thesis defense is just two days away. I've drafted my presentation and asked my supervisor for comments. The main thing that's keeping me sane is the reassurance that Mark wouldn't have let me get to this step if he didn't think I'd be okay. =) The thesis defense will be a good time to identify ways to improve my thesis. My examiners will ask me tough questions to probe my knowledge of the subject and my ability to think like a researcher. They want me to succeed. (Probably because it's less complicated than failing me.)

That's it, Sacha, think positive... =)

Tomorrow, I'm going to U of T in order to double-check all the arrangements. I should also make sure that I can project from my laptop using the supplied projector. Actually, it might be a good idea for me to go and borrow someone's laptop with Microsoft Windows or something like that...

Okay, I've posted my plan for tomorrow. I can get through this. =)

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