Headlines for Friday:

  1. At the Toronto Circus School (132 words)
  2. Quick summary (42 words)




1. At the Toronto Circus School: 17:44

I arrived at the Toronto Circus School well before the start of the drop-in class. Good thing, too. I got to see this juggling pair. They're probably both in their seventies. I liked watching the two of them stand side by side, occasionally swapping juggling balls or throwing them to each other.

The other thing I ended up doing was help take pictures of a wedding party. I guess the bride and her entourage made this their bachelorette party! =) One of them remarked that trapeze was the perfect training for a wedding: dealing with butterflies in one's stomach and all that...

Michael McGuffin and Mike Tsang should be here soon. Looking forward to seeing them!

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2. Quick summary: 23:59

  • Met counselor. Things are good.
  • Stumped the career centre.
  • Had fun at trapeze drop-in lesson.
  • Enjoyed great conversation with Michael McGuffin.

Life is good.

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