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Every year is better and better. This year was more intense and tumultuous than the last, filled with challenges and accomplishments and new opportunities. I growed a lot, too. It was painful, particularly coming to terms with the very real stress that travel and distance can put on relationships. But it's the kind of pain that forces you to keep growing, and I'm looking forward to next year and the years after that.

The key lesson I learned this year was that of finding my own happiness. Not that I've figured everything out—no, I have a long way to go. But I'm getting better at making my own decisions and standing up for them; not accepting just what everyone else accepts, instead reaching for more; and also being open to the experiences and insights of other people around me—open, but selective.

This year, I felt the limits of books and magazine articles. Some of the things I think about, some of the things I deal with... I can't find best practices. I can't find research. I just have to keep figuring things out until I get deeper insights that connect to lots of other people's experiences.

I'll share some of my goals for next year in another blog post. I know it will be an amazing year. =)

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