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  1. Thinking about September (142 words)



1. Thinking about September: 21:48

If everything goes as planned, then I'll have a whole month of slack this September. I'll be waiting for the papers for my work permit, so I can't actually work for any Canadian companies during that time. I have several options, including:

  • Volunteer at a non-profit
  • Pick an open source project and immerse myself in it
  • Work for a non-Canadian company (would this be allowed, or does my visa prohibit me from any work-related activities in Canada?)
  • Pick up all sorts of useful skills
  • Make my Emacs configuration horrendously baroque
  • Go mad, which I will if I don't do anything or help anyone or learn anything...

I'm leaning towards things that will get me out and about and with interacting with people. Hmmm... Got any ideas?

Random Emacs symbol: c-clear-char-property-fun - Function: (alias for undefined function)


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