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  1. What to do, what to do... (230 words)
  2. Should track library subjects (156 words)



1. What to do, what to do...: 15:58

So I'm looking at a month's long "vacation" this September. Most people in the working world would probably kill for one of those. ;)

I don't feel comfortable travelling because I have some paperwork that still needs to be done. If the Canadian government says that they need more information or an interview, I want to be in Toronto and ready to deal with it. So a month-long trip to the Philippines is probably out of the question. (It'd be my third trip this year, too, and someday I'll need to either earn bucketloads of money or wean myself off expensive travels...) Hmm. Maybe short trips.

I've also asked Jane Zhang about volunteer opportunities. I might be able to help with some workshops, and Software Freedom Day is coming up as well.

You know what I want to do? I want to write a book, or at least get significantly along one. Maybe about Emacs. Maybe about social computing. Maybe about my life so far. ;) BUT I want to write a book, and I want to see it printed and bound. Who knows? If it's a book about Emacs, someone might even buy it.

I'll sit down and make a list of the gazillion things I want to do, and see if something emerges...

Random Emacs symbol: remove-list-of-text-properties - Function: Remove some properties from text from START to END.

2. Should track library subjects: 22:14

You know what I'd like? An easy way to keep track of the topics I'm reading about, and a way to visualize that over time. LibraryThing or some other Amazon-hooked services wouldn't be a bad way to get the data in. Then it's just a matter of looking up the category. I can also keep track of links between books and people, and also links between books and other books.

First things first: find an unobtrusive way to get the data into the system. I'll need it datestamped and indexed by ISBN. Ideally, I'd have this just automatically hooked into my library checkout page, but I haven't checked if they've embedded ISBNs into the checkout list. If not, I can enter them in manually, although numbers are a bit of a pain to type accurately.


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