Headlines for Friday:

  1. Brrr (52 words)
  2. Fishing random things out of my head (224 words)



1. Brrr: 08:15

It's mid-August, and a cold front is passing through Toronto. My toes feel chilly under this blanket. Even though sunlight illuminates the room, sometimes it doesn't feel like summer.

W- joked that it'll be stew time soon.

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2. Fishing random things out of my head: 08:29

I'm getting better at fishing random things out of my head. I remember names more easily now. Last week, someone asked me who I'd spoken to three weeks ago at that office. Syllable by syllable, I said the first name that came to mind: O-li-ve-ra. I hadn't thought of the entire name beforehand. I had just started talking, following what felt right.

On the way back from work yesterday, I talked to Wayne about the driving test I'm planning to take today. He asked if I was ready for it, as he hadn't seen me study. I started rattling off rules and numbers. I then told him about the Emacs-based flashcard system I was using (flashcard.el). He was curious about the technique, so he asked if it had a name. "I can't remember right now, but it starts with an L," I said, and started playing with names. Leichnoff? No... Leitnoff? No... Leitner? Hmm... That felt right.

I still have to work on remembering little things and staying present, but I feel pretty good about pulling stuff out of my head. I trust my first guess more and more now, and it's usually right.

Maybe that saying is right, you really do just have to exercise your memory...

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