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Being an international student is tough. I've been trying to figure out my paperwork requirements for the next few steps. My Canadian visa is about to expire, and for a moment I worried that meant I had to hop on the next flight home.

According to this U of T FAQ, I only need the temporary resident visa when I enter Canada. I just won't be able to leave Canada until I've fixed my paperwork, which will make short trips home a little harder to arrange. I hope to have this matter cleared up by Christmas, or by August next year by the latest.

Life shouldn't be this complicated! I am, however, less panicky now that I've figured out that I *probably* won't be an illegal alien. I'll call the government help line tomorrow in order to confirm my understanding.

The paperwork for the post-graduate work permit's down to two weeks of processing time, which gives me a *little* bit of breathing room, but I'm still worried about it. My supervisor should get back to me today or tomorrow with the final okay, though, and then it's off to the printers. The end is near!

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