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1. Paperwork progress: 19:01

Clearance was surprisingly easy to do. My quest for signatures took me to labs I'd never once set foot in, like the machining lab in the basement. Cool stuff!

I'm still a little nervous about the timing of my post-graduate work permit. I'll breathe easier once I get that sorted out.

I'm a little less disappointed in Yiorgos the Cobbler, who (once again) didn't have my shoes ready when I dropped by to pick them up. He finished them in ten minutes, though, and I was happy to see that the rubber heels were secured by nails instead of just glue. That should be sturdier than the heels I had repaired in Chinatown. We'll see.

Library run: dropped off a whole bunch of books. Picked up 6, including one on photography.

We're celebrating J-'s first day of school by making chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and fried corn for dinner tonight. We enjoyed a lot of good conversation while preparing dinner, and I look forward to even more while eating. I wish my family could have had this. I guess there are some downsides to growing up with cooks, although food at home *was* always excellent...

Tomorrow: Go to IBM and work on social computing booklet. Maybe schedule driving lessons?

Thursday: Driving lessons, pick up letter (if I'm lucky; if not, Friday), work on social computing booklet.

Random Emacs symbol: life - Command: Run Conway's Life simulation.


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