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AX@0930-1030 Work on book (WickedCoolEmacs)
AX@1600 Cook rice
AXWork on interviewbot - reading off notecard, reporting answers
AXCall library re volunteering
AXDeal with paper correspondence
AXReview Fido bill and take off unneeded options
CXConfirm Google webmaster tools indexing site



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I haven't read my own ShortStories in a while. I hardly recognize myself. I don't remember writing some things or what I was planning to do with the bits and pieces of my drafts.

Is it normal to look back two years later and wonder how I managed to forget to write? I can still somewhat remember the fun of creative writing, of trying on different phrases and voices and roles. Maybe I'll pick that up again. From where am I going to take the time to do that? I wonder...

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