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Bring passport and lunch. Don't bring electronic devices.

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1. Took the IELTS: 21:23

Canada's skilled worker point system includes points for language proficiency, which can be proved either through a letter or through a standardized test. I decided to go for the standardized test so that it wouldn't be a potential hiccup in my application. The most convenient option seemed to be the IELTS. I did that test today.

The IELTS wasn't difficult, although the writing section was somewhat tiring. I had just enough time to do a little composition and revision. I'm reasonably happy with the quality of the essay that I wrote. The speaking test was a lot of fun, too. The questions asked happened to be related to a topic that I'd read a lot about lately, so I not only had a strong opinion, but the facts to back it up. ;)

W- and I enjoyed joking about the test preparation. A website I checked out last night advised strategies such as using "high-quality" words in the essay portion in order to impress examiners. "Apropos" was one such "high-quality" word proposed by the website. Although I've been teased about my vocabulary before, I don't do it to sound educated, and I refuse to use the word "utilize" when "use" is fine. We had much fun making up sentences with lots of buzzwords and jargon, though! (Should be good preparation for IBM! ;) )

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