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Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. Finding ways to IBM (206 words)
  2. Planner and Org (176 words)


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AX@19:00 Jamie McQuay and Jennifer Dodd, evening, Farcoast
AXGet in touch with an old contact
AXUpdate Google sitemap automatically
AXReview "Dig your well before you're thirsty."
AXFind alumni association information
BXFind passport photo places around town



@19:00 # Jamie McQuay and Jennifer Dodd, evening, Farcoast


1. Finding ways to IBM: 08:05

Looking at , it seems that I have a couple of ways to get up to 3600 Steeles Ave E, Markham:

  • Take the subway to Yonge and then the 53 bus to IBM. Get off at Pharmacy Ave. and walk to IBM.
  • Take the subway to a train station, then the GO train to Milliken, then the 53 bus west a couple of stops. Requires the GO train.

The general impression I get is that taking public transit up there sucks horribly. It's close to 8200, so I might be able to hitch a ride with W-, but I'll need a way of getting up there on my own as well. Makes me wish I'd started my driver's license process sooner.

First, I need to find a carpool. Second, I need to test ways of getting up there by TTC. Third, if it means spending three to four hours commuting each day (sniff!), then I need to find productive ways to spend that time. That's a _lot_ of time.

Hmm. Some hauling may be required. I should ask Gabriel what his commute's like.

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2. Planner and Org: 08:40

As part of my research for WickedCoolEmacs, I'm exploring Org, the PIM that's now built into Emacs 22. I like the way it handles outlines, and the remember templates are handy too. I also like the dynamic agenda views.

I miss some things about Planner, though. I miss the way I can just move tasks around in Planner, grouping them together as I organize my day. I miss the way it was easy to publish a day view that included my tasks and my notes. I miss little conveniences like +2tue . Maybe I can hack some of those in. I want to avoid turning org into something it isn't, though.

I need to find people who live org and how they do it. John Wiegley's excellent blog post on using org-mode as a day planner is a good start. Who else is a power user of org? Must read the mailing list to find the tips and tricks people have shared...

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