Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. stretch (51 words)
  2. Learning (123 words)


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1. stretch: 00:04

It would probably be a good idea for me to move my trapeze lessons to Fridays, or to keep practicing until it becomes more relaxing. I need to create more space in my day for reflections and interesting ideas...

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2. Learning: 21:12

I really do need seven or eight hours of sleep. Otherwise I get a little twitchy. I still managed to be pretty productive today, but I felt a little sporadic tic in my forehead, and working on my book in the evening was a struggle. No energy to respond to mail right now.

But work is lots of fun, though. =)

I'm going to block off tomorrow evening for resetting. I need to make sure that I'm in the right space both at work and outside work, otherwise it's not going to be sustainable.

Also, those sunrise clocks are expensive! I wonder if I should save up for one. Are they worth it?

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