Headlines for Sunday:

  1. One Laptop Per Child, One Laptop For You (79 words)
  2. Weekly review (229 words)


Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated.
A_Do market scan
A_Do weekly review
A_Cook risotto
B_Follow up re letter of reference : E-Mail from Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo (TaskPool)
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1. One Laptop Per Child, One Laptop For You: 17:48

The One Laptop Per Child project is now open for orders under the "Give 1 Get 1" program. USD 400 gets you one pretty green laptop and sends one to a developing country to make a child very happy.

Good stuff. Probably won't get one myself right now, though. We have more than twice as many computers as people in this household...

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2. Weekly review: 20:34

From last week:

Attend newbie orientation at IBM, or find out if it's been rescheduled. Rescheduled to the 19th.
Plan Activities screencast, write script, and make storyboard. Changed topic, wrote article about new topic.
Go through one Learning@IBM class. Did plenty!
Set up my RRSP. Sent in the documents for the TD e-funds one. Will submit Sun Life RRSP docs on Monday.
Apply for Canadian visa. Waiting for some more paperwork. Should submit on Monday.
Donate to Ateneo, finally (may end up giving in and doing this through Ayala Foundation if that's easier; can look for a cheaper way next time) Still not done. May send check back with Mom?
Cook food instead of just letting W- have all the fun. Made peach and prosciutto salad, baked pizza
Consume all leftovers before they go bad. So far so good.

Goals for next week:

  • Work on my first client engagement. Whee!
  • Arrange graduation party for 7:00 on Friday.
  • Spend time with my mom and my sister's godmother.
  • Introduce W- and his parents to my mom. *meep!*
  • Send visa application
  • Send RRSP application
  • Follow up with Ateneo re letter of reference, transcript
  • Ask U of T for letter of reference

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