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A_Check Fido bill from 2007.11.12
A_Set up meeting with Marty, Quinn's friend
A_Stephen Perelgut's birthday


1. Kaizen: meetings: 21:19

I attended my first client meeting today, and I now have a clear idea of what I need to do over the next few days. Yay! I'm going to try for a compressed workweek, working all 40 hours before Friday so that I can spend time with my mom when she comes in for my convocation.

What can I do better next time? Next time I attend a meeting, I'll print out copies of the agenda items for myself. I was lucky today because the document people printed out had been updated, so new copies were made during the meeting. Writing on paper is so much easier than working on the computer, especially in a meeting. I also enjoyed participating in the meeting. I thought I might feel intimidated because I'm new to the project, but I found that I still had useful things to add. =) Yay.

In other news, I cooked mushroom risotto for the very first time today. I liked it! =) Happy happy happy.

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