Headlines for Sunday:

  1. Sent the first chapter of Wicked Cool Emacs (246 words)
  2. Weekly review (435 words)
  3. Last week (121 words)
  4. Feedwordpress and Planner blog = awesome (177 words)
  5. Yay, I got to talk to my dad today (46 words)


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A_Write about mentoring
AXFigure out how to set up syndicated blog on Wordpress
AXDo weekly review
AXSend first chapter of book


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1. Sent the first chapter of Wicked Cool Emacs: 21:00

Operating on the principle that it's better to have a terrible first draft than none at all, I've sent 21 pages to my editor at No Starch Press. =)

The past two weeks were incredibly packed, but I survived them and and seem to be getting the hang of working on the book. It's incredibly fun. Emacs is such a crazy subject to write about. I mean, come on... Mayan date conversions? Emacs geeks! I'm sure that if I dug a little deeper, I'd figure out how to help W- keep track of his parents' Chinese birthdays. Now that would be useful! <laugh> Writing about Emacs gave me an excuse to explore. There's a lot in here that I haven't tried before, and you know what? It's pretty darn cool.

I was surprised to find that I had lots of material already. It didn't seem like it when I was writing, but the page count just kept growing and growing as I assembled the chapter. I'm not too happy with the way I wrote it, because it felt a little drier than I'm used to. I should probably browse through No Starch Press books and see which books in that line have been written really well so that I have role models.

I'll tweak the draft a little bit more and send it out to beta readers tomorrow. =)

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2. Weekly review: 21:22

I spent Monday to Wednesday at the new hire orientation at IBM. It was a terrific orientation that not only showed me some of the resources available, but also the deep values that run through the company and the big picture of our unit's strategy. IBM's an amazing company and I'm glad to be part of it. =)

Thanks to that new hire orientation and another self-paced leadership course I took on Saturday, I've learned a little more about my career passion: helping companies help people connect. More on this later. =)

I also continued working on the shopping site project I started on last week. I worked on user stories. I didn't have a client advocate around as recommended by the Extreme Programming methodology, so I based the stories on what I'd learned at the meeting and identified some areas for which we'd need further clarification. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had no problems taking that task and figuring out what to do. Maybe I have managed to pick up some experience and confidence along the way. I'm starting on another project next week. For this, the project lead specifically requested me. Not only that, she had to talk to my manager and my team members in order to get me into the project. Wow! I'm really flattered. I'm a fan of hers, and I'm looking forward to working with her on this project.

It's not all work work work, mind you. ;) Today I changed my first tire! In fact, I changed two tires, and then W- did the other two. PROPER. =) I had an "I rock!" moment there. And it was fun going from grungy clothes and grime on my hands to being all dressed up for an opera fundraiser. W- and I enjoyed some beautiful opera excerpts from La Boheme, Un ballo in maschera, and Madama Butterfly at the Toronto Opera Repertoire community opera fundraiser this afternoon. I'm looking forward to the opening of the opera season.

I sent off the first chapter of my book, too. Yay!

Goals for next week:

  • Work on the second project
  • Contribute to the wiki for the practice at IBM
  • Outline the second chapter of my book
  • Make my first RRSP contribution! =) (Hadn't realized I could've started much earlier... Better now than later!)
  • Figure out what to do about my personal blog / mail - it's still much easier for me to blog in Emacs, even with Wordpress and ScribeFire... <laugh>

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3. Last week: 21:29

And if you're wondering what happened last week and why I hadn't gotten around to writing a weekly review - my mom was in town for my convocation! =D She flew into Toronto on Thursday with Tita Gay, a family friend. They attended my convocation on Friday morning, saw the UToronto lab and IBM at 120 Bloor East, and met about two dozen of my favorite favorite favorite people in Canada. She flew out on Sunday, which was far too early according to everyone concerned, but such is life. I'm looking forward to seeing her and my dad and my sister again soon!

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4. Feedwordpress and Planner blog = awesome: 21:48

I've been thinking about adding public comments and other nifty features to my Planner blog for the longest time. It would be nice if people could search and navigate through my blog the way they can with, say, Wordpress blogs. I thought about switching to Wordpress, but Emacs is just so much handier for me.

Today I had a thinko - why not find a way to pull entries from my Emacs Planner blog feed into Wordpress? I knew there had to be a plugin to do this. Sure enough, a quick search found Feedwordpress, which took me only a few minutes to install. I don't know why I hadn't made that connection before. ;) I mean, spam blogs use things like this all the time.

ANYWAY, this neatly solves my problem. I can still blog within Emacs with all the syntax and support I've gotten used to, but I can now provide a different interface for people who like the whizbang Wordpress stuff. =)

Watch out for more blog craziness in the future. ;)

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5. Yay, I got to talk to my dad today: 22:55

Kathy helped my dad set up Skype and video, so I got to chat with him today too. Happy happy happy! He's really doing well at the office, having taken on more management responsibilities while my mom's on vacation. I'm proud of him. =)

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