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1. Quick update: purse found: 23:15

Add this as yet another story about Filipinos doing good. =)

A customer brought my lost purse to Josie, the owner of Subs Plus in the food court under the Bay building at Yonge and Bloor. Josie tried every way to get in touch with me, even calling the Philippines long distance. (Must've tried calling my mom and gotten a busy signal.)

She eventually got in touch with Michael McGuffin, who was still part of my speed dial list despite having moved to Montreal. (Hey, in an emergency... =) ) She left a message, which Michael e-mailed me, but I was already in bed at that time.

I finally got to connect with her today. And yes, she's from the Philippines - Baguio, to be precise. When I learned that she was also from home, I burst into a flood of even more profuse thanks.

I'm looking forward to getting to know her. =) And giving her some thank-you gifts in addition to a small cash reward... Happy happy!

If you're ever in Toronto, please drop by and tell her, "Thank you for being awesome!"

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