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When it's not a tech problem (for example, if the Internet is down for the whole dorm)

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Can you ping the campus network? Check the logs for any unusual messages.

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(Back to top) Good evening again. Thanks for coming. Sorry there's no food

tonight. TWe were supposed to have free food from the caf.For those in Cervini, if you notice, the north study room is almost empty. I think they're supposed to empty it this month. They're going to prepare it for the computer lab. Sir Tim is proposing that the lab will be for general news. He's asking ACENT to maintainn it. He wants that no one abuse it, so he's only donating a 4 GB hard drive. In any case, it's going to be a convenience - last minite papers, printing...

Training proper

(Back to top) familiarize themselves with the ACENT network and the Ateneo network

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The dorm is ready to hire outside people to handle our network, but we say that it's better for us to handle it ourselves. You're always welcome to join this committee. ACENT network. Both Cervini and Eliazo are connected to one PC. This PC is in the server room. P II 300 MHz 256 MB RAM 20 GB HDD 2 LAN cards. Amount of data CERSA transfers on the average is 3 GB per night. primarily a router and a gateway. This PC is what connects us to the outside world. It's an e-mail server. Web server. DNS server.

10 Megabitso per second