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A1XWrite scheduler for mom {{Tasks:793}} (2004.04.20)
A2XSearch for a string in title or notes. (2004.04.20)
A3XAdd logic for database. (2004.04.20)
B1XChange the resources assigned to a job. (nil)
B2XDelete a job. (nil)
B3XAdd a new job. (nil)
B4XChange the description of a job. (nil)
B5XDisplay an overview of free/busy information for all resources. (nil)
B6XDisplay a list of resources. (nil)
B7XDisplay job detail. {{Schedule:20:00-20:30}} (2004.04.18)
B8XDisplay the list of upcoming jobs for a particular resource. (2004.04.18)
B9XInstall either postgresql or mysql {{Tasks:887}} (2004.04.19)
B10XDownload mozilla and upload it to the server {{Tasks:902}} (2004.04.20)
B11XDeploy scheduler {{Tasks:901}} (2004.04.20)
B12XAdd authentication and logging {{Tasks:900}} (2004.04.20)
B13XFix permissions on the server {{Tasks:946}} (2004.04.22)


2. Scheduler progress

Ahhh. Much hacking done over the weekend. All the browsing parts of the scheduler work. I need to finish installing postgresql so that I can add the database side. Nearly done! I think I'll finish on Tuesday.

1. CSS rocks

In a fit of filial piety, I decided to sit down and start working on a job scheduler for my mom. After briefly considering Java and the attendant hassles of a client-server application, I decided to go with PHP. I wanted it to be more graphical than my students' submissions, though. Browsed through projects on Freshmeat but didn't really see anything worth changing.

Listed a few user stories and decided to spike the graphical display. Started out with a PNG produced by libgd. That went pretty well. Translating time to world coordinates was easy. I wanted to limit the view by start-time and end-time, but it turned out to be too much of a hassle.

Wondered if I could pull it off in HTML and CSS. Picked up a few tutorials on absolute positioning and managed to pull it off quite elegantly. Like new design.


  • Schedule overview of resources
  • Day view of resources

Next steps:

  • Resource view
  • Job view
  • Unfake the data

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