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A1XTransfer my notes to the binder (2003.10.10)
A2XWrite the first draft of the abstract (2003.10.10)
A3XWrite the second draft of the abstract (2003.10.10)

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The traditional lecture-based approach to introductory computer science focuses on mastery of programming language syntax. As a result, other skills such as problem solving and independent learning are underdeveloped, particularly in students with no previous programming background. This paper presents alternative teaching methods which promote student-centered learning and address different learning styles. The paper also proposes an inter-school collaboration framework for introductory computer science teachers.

Chua, Sandra Jean V.Ateneo de Manila University
Garcia, IoanNikhos Gil S.iAcademy
Carreon, MarioUniversity of the Philippines

Talk ideas

Objectives as speaker

Story about myself

You'll always get this mix of people. Some people are new to programming; they've never done it before, and it takes them a while to learn how to give instructions with the precision we need in computer science. Other people have programmed in several other languages and they pick up the lessons quickly.

I knew my classmates

Story about curious students

Let me tell you another story about

Protagonist: teacher Problem: wanted to reach students who weren't particularly active in class

Story about relevance