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2004.07.19: Grids
2004.07.12: Graphs
2004.06.30: Discussion of problems
2004.06.28: Mini-contest: Data structures
2004.06.21: Mini-contest: Data structures
2004.06.16: Data structures
2004.06.14: The first day of classes


2004.07.19: Grids

1Miguel Arguelles126
2Joshua Agarrado127
3Mark Punzalan144
4team20 ??192
5Michael Gonzales1115
6Jino Noel1116
7Jason Salvador1124
8Allan Espinosa1135


2004.07.12: Graphs

1Mark Punzalan3125
2Miguel Arguelles3185
3Josh Agarrado3199
4Allan Espinosa269
5Erik Troy Uy2115
6Michael Gonzales3134


2004.06.30: Discussion of problems

REMINDER: We will have classes on 2004.06.30.

2004.06.28: Mini-contest: Data structures


11Mark Punzalan3158
216Russell Santos2107
38Miguel Arguelles2194
410Allan Espinosa2284
53Mike Gonzalez119
64Christopher Rigor148
713Jason Salvador177
811Neill Wilbert Li1112
912Peter dela Cruz1129

Keep up the great work! To everyone else: don't be discouraged. Practice greatly helps. =)

Check this site tomorrow afternoon for problems to practice on.

2004.06.21: Mini-contest: Data structures

We had our first mini-contest today, with problems 262 and 330 from http://acm.uva.es/problemset/ . It took us half an hour to set up PC^2, which I configured for Java use. Mark Punzalan successfully solved problem 262 (Transferable Voting) after a few runs that had problems with spoiled ballots. A number of other people attempted a few submissions, but no one else succeeded.

If you study the sample solutions, you can see:

The sample solution may not address all test cases. Oh well. =)

262.in 262.out 262.java

330.in 330.out 330.java

2004.06.16: Data structures

Elementary data structures (PDF) - Elementary data structures (SXI) - Elementary data structures (PPT) - Elementary data structures (Handouts, PDF)

Program design example (PDF) - Program design example (SXI) - Program design example (PPT) - Program design example (Handouts, PDF)


Work on the following problems for practice. Try to solve at least three before Monday. You don't have to solve them in order. Read through the problems to find the ones you think you can solve. Solve them, then move on to more difficult problems.

You can submit your solutions to the online judge or to me at sacha@sachachua.com.

Please put CS139 in the subject of your e-mail, if you're sending it to me. Outline the input, output, data and processing needed, and ask specific questions. =)

2004.06.14: The first day of classes

Syllabus (PDF) - Syllabus (SXW) - Syllabus (DOC)