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B2XFollow up with logistics for Third National E-learning Conference {{Tasks:754}} (2004.06.01)
B2_Follow up with briefing of electives {{Tasks:755}} (2004.08.02)
B3XFollow up point person for IT forum {{Tasks:753}} (2004.03.24)

Point people

IT Forum E-learning conference

Planning meeting

Executive board

Standard signatures and e-mail addresses

Description: Provide more professional e-mail addresses (@compsat.org). Contact: Ealden Timeline: Ongoing TODO: Ealden: Follow up with committee heads TODO: Secgen: E-mail/photo directory for website, projects


Work out a procedure for transferring the domain name (part of the turnover). Contingency plans for web and e-mail. Contact: Ealden* TODO: Secgen needs to prepare turnover docs. TODO: Contingency plans for web and e-mail.

weekly updates

Contact: Vanessa TODO: Archive somewhere -- forums? member view

La Salle Computer Society

TODO: Adrian: Follow-up e-mail indicating our interest and asking what they have in mind TODO: Exchange activity schedules


21st anniversary of the organization. They're thinking of CompSAt with the event. TODO: Adrian: Follow-up e-mail indicating our interest and asking what they have in mind TODO: Exchange activity schedules

Ateneo High School Livewire

Workshops? Tutorials? TODO: Adrian: Find out what topics/projects the members of the HS want, and how we can help them. TODO: Sacha: Get in touch with Ateneo High School Livewire moderator to find out how the organizations can collaborate

Ateneo chemistry department database

Contact: Neill, Macha TODO: Status, evaluation of project and lessons learned

Pathways member database

Status: Access / MySQL, Mark is connecting UI and database No MOA, no proposal Contact: Adrian Timeline: June 11 TODO: Mark: Finish UI and database

Sanggunian concern center

Status: Finished first presentation last Monday. E-mailed a list of changes to the compsat web and development group. Complaints done. Contact: Paul Rivera TODO: Basic functionality


Design and layout TODO: Find a sophomore to take charge of the design

ACP 2004

Pending materials from others, development ongoing TODO: Adrian: Follow up graphic elements and class details, hosting TODO: Mark needs to talk to ACP Marketing

U Got Game

Website is up, registration ongoing, site update done by June 9. Venue finalized. Contact: Ealden TODO: Site update

COA Website

Abandoned project. Layout sucked. COA still interested in working with us. Forum, easy-to-update news, place to upload files. TODO: Find a sophomore willing to lead the project.

ORSEM 2004 Video Wall Proposal

Didn't get it. MISA was flashier. Lesson learned: Is this in line with our objectives?

ACP 2004 CD, AEGIS 2005 CD

TODO: Gil: Promote CD projects internally to less-experienced CompSAt members

General Assembly 1

Group dynamics, introduce the new people to CompSAt, overview of the projects, who are the executive board members, etc. TODO: Crix: Possible dates TODO: Crix: Venue TODO: Kit: Agenda Target: A week after recruitment


Sportsfest last year did not push through. Hobbies? Promote physical exercise for our members, get out of the computer lab. TODO: Jopoy: Which sports? Venue? TODO: Shorts sponsorships?

Course/Department Talks

Orientation. Get their contact information.

IT Forum 2004

Contact: Cha TODO: Thesis topics TODO: Sacha: Follow up with thesis topic for IT forum TODO: mailing list

E-Learning 2004 conference

Meeting yesterday. Getting sponsors. Ready to release the posters. 2 CompSAt photographers. August 6. TODO: Find out what we can do to help. Mostly FYI for now.

Ateneo student conference

Research presentations TODO: Sacha: Follow up

Seniors family day (MIS/CS)

Close house. Rewards.


Website CD TODO: Find newbies



1. Executive board

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Escaņan, Ealden Esto (43)II BS MIS
Lihan, Marc (40)II BS CS
Gonzales, Vanessa (39)II BS CS
Sta. Maria, Judd (36)III BS CS
Rodriguez, Adrian (35)II BS CS
San Pedro, Gil Russell (32)II BS CS
La Chica, Christopher (28)I BS CS
Li, Neill Wilbert (26)I BS CS

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