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Development Experience

Project Tech Responsibilities
People search prototype Ruby on Rails, AJAX, XML, JSON, MySQL Designed, developed and tested a prototype expertise location engine using Web 2.0 sources within the enterprise. Usability tests indicated high user satisfaction.
Social discovery aggregator Ruby on Rails, XML Designed and developed an aggregator for Web 2.0 services within the enterprise. Won Best Mashup during the first IBM HackDay.
Infoweapons intranet wiki Mediawiki Wrote and organized company information. Trained employees in using and contributing to a hypertext intranet knowledgebase. Contributed PHP code to an IPv6 firewall project.
MSI intranet portal Java, J2EE, Struts, PostgreSQL, CVS, Redhat Linux Set up servlet container, database server, and version control system. Developed back-end system and JavaBeans abstraction layer. Prepared design and API documentation in Japanese and English.
Adphoto intranet mail Cyrus imapd, Postfix, Debian GNU/Linux Configured and supported intranet mail system using spare hardware
Adphoto scheduling system PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, Debian GNU/Linux Developed and supported resource scheduling system
planner.el, emacs-wiki.el and remember.el Emacs Lisp, Perl, Python, TLA Maintained, documented and packaged an open source personal information manager for Emacs. Supported a worldwide community of approximately 200 users.
Emacs Relay Chat Emacs Lisp Added programmable completion to the Emacs Relay Chat client.
Compaq iPAQ bootloader C, StrongARM assembly, CVS Improved boot screen and embedded shell. Added programmable completion and built-in help.
ASTI embedded systems development eCos, Embedded Linux Explored feasibility of using eCos on the SA-1100 platform. Compiled and booted a working system.
Ateneo project submissions PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL Developed and maintained project submission system.
Ateneo ACP class registration PHP, PostgreSQL Developed and maintained registration system used by over 6000 students; no downtime.
Course web page system Java, J2EE, PostgreSQL Developed and maintained course web page management system primarily used by non-technical teachers.
Ateneo ACP class registration Java, replicated Microsoft Access database Developed and maintained registration system used by over 6000 students; no downtime.



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