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Tikbalang, 10/30/2003:

There are only 10 types of people in this world... those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Grim Gard, 10/24/2003:

an anomaly. a glitch in the system. an exceptional exception. this cute, little computing marvel will amaze you with her boundless passion for computer science. her bright and bubbly personality and love for what she does has captivated the hearts of many. perhaps the most famous non-celebrity celebrity I know. definitely a contradiction to the stereotype image of a geek. she's helpless in Super Mario, though. Ü

Teodoro Angelo, 10/20/2003:

I bet Sacha's surprised that I'm writing a testimonial for her right now. But this is what I love about Friendster, I really get the chance to publicly state apologies, encouragements and delayed gratitudes. First of all, I would like to apologize to Sacha! I know that back in high school I was such an asshole. I forgot what I did to her but we were not in good terms back in high school. Yikes! And frankly I don't know her well that I should be writing a testimonial for her at all, but here's a shot I would not want to miss. Sacha, thanks for using your talents to help the Philippines. With intellect and passion like yours, the whole world would have welcomed your arrival, yet you chose to stay and serve the ones who have served you most - the Filipinos. I know you have extraordinary talent, and I sincerely, truthfully hope they would continue to refine them in time so that you can impart your knowledge to our fellow Filipinos... especially to those capable of carrying it to other generations. I hope that many might benefit from you! And one thing about what I said earlier, in truth, the world has actually embraced you already! I saw one of your poems linked here at UCLA a long time ago! Go Sacha!

Diana Grace, 10/19/2003:

ACM judge extraordinaire! Hail Master Sacha! Sacha's so dedicated to her students that at the middle of a meeting (ours) she was finishing the last of the code for her classes. And yes, she was already a legend among the circles.

Rex, 10/18/2003:

Tho we might not have been the tightest of pals, I will definitely not be able to forget this ball of energy, idealism, and intelligence! Hmm, I've never heard her described as a round object before...(rolls eyes at own corny joke) I used to argue with her about mathematical problems...then I went into hiding as a "closet geek" while she "came out" and bloomed :) My salute to her for choosing her passion as a profession (and a noble one at that!) Never forget to keep having fun SJVC :)

Tj, 10/15/2003:

Hmmmm... Sacha... Anime girl without even trying. She has a cult following her for this reason alone. Her natural perkiness just gets to you. Of course, she is a legend. Professors speak her name with a certain reverence as if she were some distant legend that they were lucky enough to glance at. Hehe.ü But of course, she is ever the friendly type. She certainly is a one of a kind girl.ü

Gino, 10/13/2003:

Sacha's intelligence and learning ability never ceases to amaze everyone. And when she puts her heart into something, the results are nothing short of ... words fail me. Her passion for helping others out definitely goes against the stereotype or archetype of geeks keeping to themselves. Inspite of computer terminology (or geek speak) being her native language, its her being able to translate them into plain english that keeps her on top. She'll go far. No doubt about that. =) Oh... and Sacha's one of the people who's really easy to please -- just give her a dose of hot chocolate and she'll go from sulking to cheerful faster than you can type 'ls'. ;-) (kidding -- seriously though, eating all that chocolate and not growing wider! That's totally unfair!) =)

maRk, 10/12/2003:

Did i mention that she eats algorithms for breaksfast? Ehehehe :)

maRk, 10/12/2003:

OMG!!! Behold one of the yooungest recipients of the prestigous BPI Science Award, Professor of the year, the epitome of Ateneo Computer Science, the future of Philippine information technology, the living legend herself, Ms. Sacha Chua! (yehey!) Ma'am Sacha is truly one of the few professors who can teach and have fun doing it at the same time. She's one (if not the only one) of the few PEOPLE whom i look up to and have my utmost respect... What's good about ma'am Sacha, aside from being super smart, is that she believes in her students' potential :) Über-smart and cute! that's Ms. Sacha :)

Nowi, 10/11/2003:

She's so generous! She gave me a cookie then a lemon drop candy after i got grilled by another teacher named "- -ic"! She cares so much about her students and she's very approachable.

Jan Michael, 10/08/2003:

The first time I met this girl in person was during last year's C Programming Competition at DLSU. My friend Paolo was talking about her being featured on GMA 7 for her work in wearable computing. We came in a bit late and I noticed that there was a team from Ateneo-- a girl and two guys. (And me being a little chauvinistic, I felt that the girl was just a team filler-- just to fill in the required 3 team members). Imagine my surprise when I checked the roster of competitors-- she was competing. The girl was Sacha Chua. I was going to compete against Sacha Chua. Then, I bumped into her during the ACM ICPC and I got to know her better. I can say without batting an eyelash that Sacha is one unique individual, friendly, unassuming and quirky. Anyone who has met her will know what I mean. Heck, you wouldn't know she was the great sachac until you ask her for her name.

Mojims, 10/08/2003:

Sacha is one of the people I look up to. She basically has the talent since day one. I've known her since high school, went to training camp with her and managed to be in the same team with her *once*. From these, I can say that not only does she have talent, she also has a kind and pure heart. Sacha, I hope that you reach your long- term goals and dreams. Good luck!

Oui, 10/08/2003:

There's this brand of candies Sacha reminds me of: SMARTIES!!!!! (smiley) Sue me for my lame joke, but, I do mean it. She's sweet and smart. Though sometimes, she can be a bit naive, but that air protects her from the world. (smiley) GO, SACHA!!!!! Rule the world!

Kendra, 10/06/2003:

Everyone know sacha as a computer genuis, and indeed she is. But more than that, she's one of my best friends who I can always count on listen, understand and accept me as I am. Thanks for everything, sach!

Dean Michael, 10/06/2003:

We danced before we even knew each other. :) But seriously, Sacha's reputation precedes herself, and I admit I was intimidated at first to actually introduce myself. But after a few swings, I never thought that I would be meeting someone as bright and cheerful as she is. And to boot, she's one in a million -- a passionate learner, and a dedicated teacher. I never truly thought I would meet someone as enthusiastic and passionate about Computer Science as Sacha. She is definitely someone you'd want to be your friend. :)

Miguel, 09/30/2003:

Sacha was already a legend when I first met her at the Linux '99 event. Since then, her reputation as an alpha geek has reached far and wide. Now, she is in the right place to train people to follow her path.