12. TODO lists in Emacs!: 21:54

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E-mail addresses removed. But it's the real Stephen J. Turnbull... =)
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull"
Subject: Re: TODO extension for source code and Emacs
To: tlug (Tokyo Linux Users Group)
Date: Wed Jan 18 14:17:40 2006 +0800

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Wells <ijw> writes:

    Ian> Actually I was hoping for something that understood
    Ian> todo-lists (i.e. allowed you to tick stuff off and add
    Ian> unrelated items) but I think I may be fantasising.

(a) [the helpful answer] Find Sacha Chua (TLUG denizen), this is up
her alley.

Will write a good reply on the plane.

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E-Mail from Stephen J. Turnbull

11. From Ville Aine

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Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for Planner and your blog. Planner is a wonderful piece of sofware, that has really changed how I think about personal organization. Or, to put it in another way, it really made me think about how I would like to plan and organize my daily hurdles (and, imho, things that make you think are far more important than the things that just do something.)

In your writing, your attitude to life comes through very clearly and it is quite contagious. There has been many occasions where reading your blog made the difference between fretting about things and doing something about them. So, thank you.

10. Wheee... =): 00:28

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<jmobautista> did you catch my message on livejournal? :D
<sachac> Hmmm, gotta check... Which entry?
<jmobautista> i was asking if i could add you to my friends page, as
              (shh don't tell sacha) secretly i admire your
              organization and thought-keeping skills.
<jmobautista> the one right before your most recent one.
<sachac> <laugh> Go ahead and add me. I'll add you too so that you can
see my disorganized unkept thoughts. =)
<jmobautista> to tell you the truth, after reading your lj and recent
              wiki entries, it got me writing again
<sachac> That's good to hear! =D
<jmobautista> oh, and also, i wanted to congratulate you on your
              relationship (i know it's late) - it caught me off
              guard, especially as i only found out through your
              latest post
<jmobautista> i'm still on sacha i-will-never-have-a-boyfriend mode @_@
<sachac> <laugh>
<sachac> Thanks.
<jmobautista> anyway, back to topic - i really admire how you have
              these huge lists on your wiki - and at the end of the
              day you've crossed them all out.
<jmobautista> in spite of everything you do, in spite of all your
              interests and such.
<sachac> Heh. Not today--only a few non-essential things crossed out...
<jmobautista> that's really admirable. even though i haven't had the
              pleasure of picking apart brains with you for long, i
              really respect that.
<sachac> The lists are actually just lists of things I do, and part of
         my interests.
<sachac> (I keep them written down because I'll otherwise forget them.
         Besides, it's nice to see crossed-out stuff.)
<jmobautista> but still, you're able to accomplish most of them! the
              past few years haven't been kind to me (long story) and
              i've hit a lot of slumps
<jmobautista> i find it hard to complete even stuff i'm interested in
<jmobautista> so those times i wander off to your wiki to be inspired.
<sachac> The trick is to make the tasks so small that it's easier to
         finish them than to procrastinate... ;)
<jmobautista> but shh, don't tell anyone :P
<jmobautista> exactly.
<jmobautista> that's what i do these days.
<sachac> I keep a couple of important stuff around so that I can do
         the other tasks while procrastinating the bigger tasks...
<sachac> ... and when I do get those spurts of productivity, I just
         work through my list, trying to make the most of it. =)
<sachac> (I'm really not that organized or productive; I just _look_
         it because it's written down somewhere. =) )
<jmobautista> semantics. it's inspired me all the same. and i'm sure
              the same is true for a lot of people. ^_^
<sachac> I'm glad to hear that. =)
<sachac> I'm really glad to hear that I sometimes help you get out of
         your slumps. =D

... after some more conversation ...

<jmobautista> i guess i wish i could replay that time and appreciate
              the study more. and the teaching. you have a lot of
              passion for it, and it shows brilliantly.
<jmobautista> i'm sorry it took me so long to say that, but there it is. ^^;;
<sachac> <smile> Thank you. That means a lot to me.


このコンピュータはよく調子が悪くなる。 This computer often goes out of order.

9. planner.el goodness: 14:48

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<comfrey_> i spent most of this past weekend reading the elisp manual because planner.el is sucking me in

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... =)

8. Planner help on IRC: 16:48

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<VisRealty> sorry to bug you...
<VisRealty> but dagbrown said you might be familiar with emacs-wiki and planner mode?
<VisRealty> if you're busy with other stuff, no worries
<sachac> Oh! =D
<VisRealty> oh wait!
<VisRealty> are you the planner.el maintainer?!
<sachac> Yup. ^_^
<VisRealty> wow! i'm so honored to be speaking with you :-)
<VisRealty> it's such a great tool, me and my peers swear by it

Chat with VisRealty on kornbluth.freenode.net

7. Marriage proposal X of N ;): 14:33

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>>>>> Does anyone know of an implementation of good old adventure in elisp?

>>>> There's M-x dunnet, which is reminiscent of those old text adventure
>>>> games. You can of course run Adventure inside an eshell, but I don't
>>>> think that quite counts. =)

>>> Yup.  I was actually looking for old "Colossal Cave" Adventure.  I may
>>> write one, just to have something to do that has no earthly use instead
>>> of doing productive work.

>>> PLUGH!

>> Marry me?

> Sorry, already have ubercool boyfriend. ^_^

6. Chat with John Wiegley, ubercoder: 13:27

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Version: GnuPG v1.2.5 (GNU/Linux)


Chat with johnw on sterling.freenode.net

5. Awwwww... ^_^: 14:26

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<mdxi> sachac: i just want to tell you that emacs-wiki mode is the fourth best
       thing that has ever happened to my brain (following unix, emacs, and

I feel all warm and fuzzy!

Chat on orwell.freenode.net%23emacs

4. Using tla for archives: 17:57

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Look! I'm being used as an example! http://tkd.kicks-ass.net/planner/GnuArch.html

That's it, I've got to check out this checksumming thing... My name is at stake! ;)

  <delYsid> sachAway: Now that is definitely final, you are famous now.
  <delYsid> sachAway: good idea, while you are it, sign your changes

3. Evangelizing for the Church of Emacs: 11:45

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I just wanted to thank you for your Emacs enthusiasm. It is very infectuous and helps me past some of the little cycles of fear I get when I approach Emacs.

E-Mail from V. W. Marshall

2. planner.el goodness: 08:09

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Andrew Laing wrote:

I think the work you put into Planner et al is fantastic. I have spent quite a bit of time over the past week poring over your web page and .el files and just wanted to take a second to say thank you for all your work. I have recently switched to Emacs as my text-editor and sincerely appreciate sites like yours which help me understand it better. Thank you!

Awwwwwwww! =)

E-Mail from Andrew Laing

1. Oooh, Emacs ubercoder status: 13:21

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<johnw> sachac: want to take over emacs-wiki?
<johnw> sachac: damien handed it off to somebody else, but I think you would do a good job
<johnw> sachac: and then you'll control the package that planner.el sits on
<johnw> sachac: enable you to do more extensive mods.. :)
<johnsu01> johnw: can you offer any advice on using planner-diary.el? not having any luck getting diary entries to
           display in my planner.
<johnw> johnsu01: i've never even heard of planner-diary.el!!
<sachac> johnw: Mark Triggs is in charge of emacs-wiki now...
<sachac> johnw: I've got a couple of patches for it, and am waiting for him to merge the ones he likes.
<johnw> sachac: well, since nobody asked me, I am offering it to you
<sachac> johnsu01: Oh! That's Thomas Gehrlein's package, right?
<johnw> sachac: but if you two are working together already, then that's fine too
<sachac> johnw: Haven't heard much from him, but I'd love to help out. Thanks for the offer! =) I'll let him try it out
         first; if he's too busy to maintain it, then I'll offer to take over. emacs-wiki is way cool.
<johnw> sachac: awesome; i'd rather see it in your hands, because i know you and know the good work you've done with
<johnw> sachac: if you're doing planner and remember both, all the more reason to add emacs-wiki, schedule and timeclock
        to your list :)
<johnw> all i'm going to say is, it's really too bad you are so young and so far away; you are an awesome girl, sacha --
        and quite an uebercoder yourself!