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2. Reading exercises

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Another major hack for this month would be the collection of at least 25 code-reading exercises covering basic Java syntax. This will help students practice their code reading abilities and test their understanding of Java syntax. These should be arranged by topic and should cover variables, expressions, conditionals, loops, and Boolean logic.

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1. Monthly hacks: vc-arch.el

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I will finish at least one major hack per month. This month's special is vc-arch.el, which for some reason does not seem available on the Net. I have sketches of it up at ../emacs/emacs-wiki/vc-arch.el. I feel that if nothing else, at least I'll have a mode that makes it easier for me to manage my planner work.

Getting a diff through C-x v = already works. I want to be able to commit my changes with a quick C-x v v. If more than one file has been modified, I want a dired-like buffer displayed so that I can select which files to commit.

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