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B0CMerge files: E-Mail from Cao b盻妬 chトハ bテイ (2004.12.22)
C0CRefine state diagram (nil)
C0CAdd new pages (nil)
A0XPrototype search result page (2004.12.21)
A0XUpdate design documents (2004.12.21)
A0XPrototype front page (2004.12.21)
A0XPrototype search page (2004.12.21)
A0XPrepare use cases (2004.12.21)
A0XCome up with alternative template (2004.12.22)
A0XApply design to pages {{Deadline: 2004.11.22}} (2004.12.22)
A0XPrepare presentation speech {{Deadline: 2004.12.24}} (2004.12.24)
A0XPrepare presentation slides {{Deadline: 2004.12.24 - *TODAY*}} (2004.12.24)
A0XCompile slides (nil)
A0XPrepare decision table {{Deadline: 2004.11.21}} (nil)
A0XPrepare state diagram for original design {{Deadline: 2004.11.21}} (nil)
A0XDivide work for screen preparation (nil)
A0XDetermine schedule for case study (nil)
B0XConvert to diagram: E-Mail from Kojima-sensei (2004.12.20)
B0XMerge: E-Mail from Nguyen Thanh Hai (2004.12.23)
B0XMerge files: E-Mail from Cao bồi chăn bò (2004.12.23)
B0XMerge Lieu's files (2004.12.24)
BXCorrect 4th lesson typo (2004.12.27)
BXDouble-check presentation (2004.12.27)
BXFix Fujichan typo on process page (2004.12.27)
BXFix imakara typo on process page (2004.12.27)
BXFix lesson typo (2004.12.27)
B0XCorrect presentation (2004.12.27)
B0XApply design to pages {{Deadline: 2004.12.22 - *TODAY*}} (nil)



30 minutes