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B1XReply about t-gnus from E-Mail from Katsumi Yamaoka (2004.10.17)
B2XCorrect translation from E-Mail from shu minari (2004.10.18)
B3XReply about translation from E-Mail from Yutaka Kachi (2004.10.18)
B4XFix translation and subscribe to list from E-Mail from shu minari (2004.10.20)


5. I wait for your reply

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A: お返事、お待ちしております。 I wait for your reply. B: 返事

E-Mail to Fumiko Kikuta

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4. GPG-related stuff

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A: 指紋を確認し、公開鍵に署名しましたので添付します。 Having checked your fingerprint, I've attached the signed public key.

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3. Excuse me for replying directly

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直接ちょくせつ/(adj-na,n-adv) direct/immediate/personal/firsthand/(P)/
失礼しつれい/(adj-na,int,n,vs,exp) (1) discourtesy/impoliteness/(2) Excuse me/Goodbye/(P)/

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2. Thank you for pointing it out

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指摘 [してき] /(n,vs) pointing out/identification/(P)/

E-Mail from Katsumi Yamaoka

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1. Japanese technical vocabulary

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Thought I should start blogging the technical words I find on mailing lists. =) Warning: translations are just my guesses...

Is file sharing your goal?
結局けっきょくafter all (n-adv, n)
ファイル共有ファイルきょうゆうfile share (n,vs)

E-Mail from skonishi@dd.iij4u.or.jp

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