END; require_once "include/calendar.php"; require_once "include/planner-include.php"; require_once "include/header.inc.php"; ?> A CD to be made available during the first week of classes containing software, documentation and notes


A0XGive the CD image to Sir Mark (nil)
A0XOrganize my students' notes (nil)
A0XCome up with a better design (nil)
A0XInclude the chortle tutorial (nil)
A0XInclude the Eclipse tutorial (nil)
A0XOrganize Dr. Sarmenta's slides (nil)
A0XAdd links to the software (nil)
A0XWrite a basic index page (nil)
A1XDownload the J2SDK (nil)
A2XDownload the documentation (nil)
A3XDownload JCreator LE (nil)
A4XDownload Gel (nil)
A5XDownload BlueJ (nil)
A6XDownload the BlueJ tutorial (nil)
A7XDownload all the slides from Dr. Sarmenta (nil)
A8XDownload all the notes from my class (nil)