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A1XFind a Java library for a file-based database {{Tasks:390}} (2004.01.29)


4. Lazy programming

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Come to think of it, I think they can do this with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Instant use, and we can worry about scaling _later_, when they're used to an electronic system.

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3. Letter to doctex

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Thank you for the opportunity to be of help. We will concentrate on the scheduled updates system first so that the Society can immediately benefit from its drive for computerization.

In two weeks, I will show you a system that an encoder can use to keep track of Jesuits' periodically-scheduled requirements. Upon opening, the software will display a list of Jesuits who have unfulfilled requirements. The encoder can search this list, check off fulfilled requirements, or edit any of the data displayed.

This prototype will help you demonstrate the benefits of computerization while giving the Society something to work with right away. In addition, your valuable feedback will help improve the software.

I look forward to being of service.


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2. Use cases for scheduled updates

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1. Met with docprex

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We'll start out with scheduled updates. Jesuits have to be reminded to update documents. The period between updates varies per person (age bracket and custom). It may be a good idea to support different kinds of documents, too.

They need something to last years, so we can't turn it over to the students. Pair programming might be a good idea - forces my code to be readable.

Actually, if it's Java, it can run on their own computers, and then just send the data to a central server every so often. (version 2... =) ) We need to make this as painless to run as possible, which means no external database. It also needs to be as paranoid as heck when it comes to saving.

Data associated with each Jesuit:

id (surrogate primary key) name birthdate description

I promised them a prototype in two weeks.


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