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Extra-curricular activities within school

Introduction to Computing I and II

Teaching assistant: 2001-

Checks papers and projects. Prepares laboratory exercises. Provides help for students through organized tutorials and informal one-on-one tutoring.

Online project submission system

Developer, Maintainer: 2001-

Maintains a web-based project submission for the computer science department of Ateneo.

Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Network Team

Developer: 2000-01, Chair: 2002-

Responsible for maintaining the residence hall network and coordinating other volunteer students. Improved problem-reporting system.

Computer Society of Ateneo

Developer: 2000-02, Head of Research, Academics and Training: 2001-2002

Developed school-wide web-based alternative class registration system used by over 6000 students.

Extra-curricular activites outside school

Wearable computing

Researcher: 2002-

Currently working on a personal wearable computing system that allows blind users to read files, send and receive text messages and e-mail, and use other functions of the computer through speech synthesis.

The Philippine Linux Users' Group

Member: 1999-, Vice president: 2002-

Actively advocates open source through essays, press conferences and presentations. Responsible for maintaining the website at http://plug.linux.org.ph

Advanced Science and Technology Institute (Research intern: Summer 2002)

As part of the Embedded Systems Division, worked on multimedia applications on the StrongARM SA-1100 development platform. Demonstrated the use of Linux on the SA-1100 and the Compaq iPAQ. Gave a presentation on wearable computing.

Open source development: Emacs Relay Chat, Compaq iPAQ bootloader (2002-)

As a volunteer open source developer, contributes code to open source projects on the Internet. Added programmable completion support to the open-source ERC project (2002). Submitted patches for the Compaq iPAQ bootloader (2002).

Association for Computing Machinery

Student Member: 2000-

Philippine Java Users' Group

Member: 2000, Head of Education: 2000-01

Responsible for representing the academe in the Philippine Java Users' Group. Worked on collecting resources for teaching Java.

Conferences and talks

Speaker, "Who Says Girls Can't Do Tech?"

Linux Day, St. Paul's College 2001

Speaker, "Java and Linux"

Linux10 Philippines, 2001

Speaker, "Linux in My Pocket" (Linux on handheld devices)

Linux10 Philippines, 2001

Organizer, CS Freshmen Orientation, 2001

Attendee, Sun University Day, Ateneo de Manila University, 2001

Attendee, Sun University Day, University of the Philippines, 2001



1st place (Best Academic Solution), Microsoft Worldwide .NET Best 2002

Most Creative Solution, Microsoft Asia Student .NET Contest 2001

12th place, ACM Intercollegiate Programming Competition 2001

1st place, Hewlett-Packard TechQuiz 2000


1st place, Microsoft Asia Student .NET Philippines 2001

Top 10, Japan IT Standards Examination, Philippines 2001

1st place, Trend Internet Software Contest 2000

1st place, Hewlett-Packard TechQuiz 2000


"Bayanihan Computing .NET: Grid Computing with XML Web Services"

Luis F. G. Sarmenta, et al. in the Workshop on Global and Peer-to-Peer Computing at the 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid '02), Berlin, Germany, May 2002