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A1XDetermine how to do network install of basic system {{Tasks:18}} (2003.11.10)
A2XPartition the golden client {{Tasks:38}} (2003.11.11)


3. ARGH!

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Thoroughly annoyed with lab setup. NTFS can't be written to, and I don't have enough space to store a dd copy. Will settle for running stuff on Linux instead, I guess. Good excuse for Linux in labs.

LabSetup Xref: 2003.11.27:6

2. Considerations

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The computers in the labs are Pentium IIIs and Pentium IVs with 256MB RAM and 40GB hard disks.

The Linux Terminal Server Project looks interesting. Can it handle 30 computers connecting to a single workstation acting as a server? If not, we can go for fat clients that are periodically refreshed.

Directions to go in the future:

An LDAP server allows students to authenticate and get their files. Maybe penoy?

Ease of re-imaging

Teachers and lab technicians should be able to install and configure software on one computer. After setting up that computer, they should be able to run a script that prepares the disk image.

Installation onto different computers should be as automated as possible. A floppy bootdisk that updates the image over the network and refreshes the Windows and Linux partitions would be very useful.

rsync --delete might be a useful tool.

SystemImager looks like a great tool for Linux installations. If I don't find a solution that can handle both Linux and Windows, I'll go for the all-Linux one. It will provide even greater incentive to use Linux.

In fact, I am close to certain that this is the tool I want to use.


If a DHCP server is used, then computers do not have to be individually configured with computer names.

If Linux is used and Samba sharing is off, then computers do not have to be individually configured.

1. Install

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/dev/hda6 - 7 GB, / /dev/hda7 - /home /dev/hda8 - swap

  • ssh
  • eclipse
  • java
  • bluej
  • java documentation
  • gnome
  • emacs21
  • vim
  • Download lynx so that I can download other debs while waiting. (7MB from base)

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