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A1CDecide on a PlannerMode-friendly data format (nil)
A2CGet auto-double-entry to work (nil)
A3CGet split transactions to work (nil)
A4CGet balancing to work (nil)
A5CSet up hippie expansion for accounts (nil)
A6XDraft ideas for a LedgerMode {{Tasks:113}} (2003.11.23)


1. Idea

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I want to be able to use Emacs for my double-entry accounting so that I don't have to start GnuCash. I would like it to be emacs-wiki compatible so that I can publish it as an emacs-wiki file. I can begin with having all of my entries in a GeneralLedger wiki page. Each entry can be of the form
Date{{Finance:GUID}}Transaction name / notesAccountAmount

The amount would be expressed as either Amount (credit) or -Amount (debit).

I want to be able to quickly cycle or complete accounts, and I think I'll be able to do that with hippie-expand or some way to choose accounts easily.

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