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Very very incomplete list of open source developers from the Philippines. If you're Filipino and have been involved with an open-source project, send me a comment! =)


Paolo Falcone (kagemajin)

Project: Salstat Statistics (a GPL'd rapid statistical analysis
written in Python
Extent of work: Current maintainer (as of October 2004) and Debian
packager (as of September 2003). I also have commit access.

Project: PHPMyLibrary (a GPL'd library automation system written in
Extent of work: developer (May 2003-April 2004) with commit access

Butch Landingin

Squishdot, 1998
Extent of work: original developer/maintainer
Squishdot is copyrighted and released under a BSD license.

Eric Pareja (pusakat)

PNDF-PDA (Philippine National Drug Formulary for PalmOS), 2002
Primary Developer, License GPL-2

Filipino Linux Documentation Project, 200?

Debian Tagalog Translation, 2004

debian-installer, 2004
Tagalog translation
subversion commit access

IskoLinux, 2004

Sandra Jean Chua (Sacha)

planner-el, personal information manager for Emacs
Maintainer and Debian packager, 2002-

emacs-wiki, hypertext markup for Emacs
Maintainer and Debian packager, 2004

remember-el, quick note-taker for Emacs
Maintainer and Debian packager, 2003-

Emacs Relay Chat, IRC client for Emacs
Developer with commit access, 2002-
Copyright assigned to FSF iPAQ bootloader
Developer with commit access, 2002

Polerio Babao III (polerio)

Project: PHPMyLibrary
Library automation software written in PHP
Author and Developer
1998 - present

Project: pycatalog
Book and card catalog generator written in Python
Author and developer
2003 - present

Jose L. Catubigan Jr. (joecat) Joecat from Davao has made extensions for IPCOP, a Linux-based firewall. His site has not been updated but I know he is still working on other IPCOP extensions. - Holden Hao

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