END; require_once "include/calendar.php"; require_once "include/planner-include.php"; require_once "include/header.inc.php"; ?> In response to 2003.09.10, JM Ibanez dropped me a note on tutoring:
> Just wanted to drop a note. I'm currently spending time helping out
> friends of mine by tutoring them re: Java programming. I find that
> the approaches you mentioned above fit well in a one-on-one tutorial
> session. Do you have experiences with tutoring? Would like to hear
> about it.
Oh, yes! I love tutoring. =) Here are some of the things I've learned. They're probably, well, common sense, but I feel they're important. Enjoy tutoring. You also gain a lot from tutoring. Tutoring develops

patience and communication skills. It also forces you to gain a

deeper understanding of the subject matter. From time to time,

you'll also learn something new from your students. Plus, you get

that incredibly warm and fuzzy feeling when your students understand something (or are at least get somewhat closer to feeling they can).