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B2CSend Chipi the map from E-Mail from Cyrus Paolo Buenafe (2004.08.25)
B0XCome up with guest list (2004.08.06)
Birthday party
PLUG Informal Christmas Party
People who went
People who thought about going

Birthday party

74 people, plus some UPSA?

39 people: Family friends

6 people: current friends

7 people: HS friends

12 people: Competitions

9 people: College

PLUG Informal Christmas Party

Date: 3:00 PM to whatever, December 27, 2003 (Saturday) because it's usually a no-work day.

Venue: Serg's Cafe (EDSA Shangri-La parking, facing EDSA) because they have great hot chocolate and they have Linux running. No, I'm not getting paid to plug them. ;)

If you need help finding the place, you can text me at +639195657116 (checked once in a while) or e-mail me at sacha@sachachua.com .

People who went

People who thought about going

Sacha Chuasacha AT sachachua.com
CG Haravatachrish AT apc.edu.ph
Jeremy Ignaciojeremy AT jeremy-ignacio.com, law student at UE, paralegal, started with Linux first, then encountered Windows at work. Uses OO.o/Win at work and the lawyers don't mind. Shocked I was a girl.
Jimmy Carlosplawta AT ybb.ne.jp
Butch Landinginbutchland AT yahoo.com, has Cryptonomicon
Justin Jerezajustin AT compuport.dynalias.com
Lito Lampitocral AT codewan.com.ph
Paolo Venegaspvenegas AT student.ateneo.edu
Jopoy C. Solanojopoy AT ubaguio.edu
AC Perdonturf_ph AT yahoo.com
Fernan Bolandofernanbolando AT mailc DOT net, tentative
Joey Quevedoquevedj AT basf-philippines.com.ph
John Philippe P. Ortizjohnphilippe AT edsamail.com.ph
Zeline de Leonzeline AT usa.net


Joey Quevedo