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A1_Post talk notes and other materials (nil)
B_Reconstruct first part--keep it simple--in speech {{Schedule:22:00-22:30}} (nil)
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A2XWrite rest of PIM talk by today! (2004.11.12)
A3XDeliver talk on Taming the TODO (2004.11.13)
B4XCheck out megawiki2002 {{Tasks:992}} (2004.04.30)
B5XIdentify audience and objectives for TLUG talk (2004.11.12)

Taming the TODO

Make it as easy as possible.

context switch part of work environment minimal disruption: shell scripts metadata reduce input effort grab from environment other info deadlines contacts notes hyperlink (make it easy to get more info) Don't get overwhelmed. Break tasks down Make tasks concrete Keep task list short Start date Undated tasks Be ruthless Alternative: detailed schedule Fill in the cracks. Task overview Task age Reminders Look at the list daily Reminder for important tasks (not all!) Hack your system Start small. Improve. Text is hackable. Export Grep Other formats Import Warning Share Sync Publish Benefits Privacy? Process thoughts


What is personal information?

What is personal information management?

What is the current state of personal information management?

What are the problems in personal information management?

What are the current research projects and what do they focus on?

How do people manage their information?

What existing tools are there?

In what direction does personal information management seem to be going?

How can I contribute?


3. Links in PIMs

I had been thinking along the web way, but this paper suggests another approach more suited to the semantic web. Interesting insight.


2. PIM definition

Abbreviated PIM, a type of software application designed to help users organize random bits of information. Although the category is fuzzy, most PIMs enable you to enter various kinds of textual notes -- reminders, lists, dates -- and to link these bits of information together in useful ways. Many PIMs also include calendar, scheduling, and calculator programs.

Exactly what I want to do. =)

personal information manager - Webopedia.com

1. Learning and KM insights