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Come to think of it, this article makes a lot of sense. You can disregard whatever mumblings I had about atheism and agnosticism; I'm slowly finding my way toward a better understanding of life, but I'm getting there.


Creative element of human spirit vs divine revelation. Lasting quality of human spirit vs effect of conditions.

irrational and compulsive affirmations or negations

religion != element of man's spiritual life? gift. cannot seek out god.

diversity of religions. creation of human spirit

religion - relation to divine beings. beings - external. god - thing beside other things?

dimension of depth in all of its functions

religion is not a separate area

tragic separation depth in the totality of the human spirit

points to the ultimate, infinite, unconditional

this is what you are willing to die for passionate longing for ultimate reality science

we can, however, reject the _symbols_

narrower sense of religion

estrangement myth, cult, symbols secular/profane split

depth, usually covered

awe inspiring. ultimate meaning. self forgetting

Ultimate concern

Validity of depth

We speak of the gravity of situations.


God is personal

... but the images merely point to the

I find


Ultimate concern

Religion as a dimension in man's spiritual life

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I think I'm going to focus on Robinson's article, "Can a truly contemporary person not be an atheist?" I find it more understandable - more true to my own experience. And perhaps it can give me some hope.

John A. T. Robinson is the author of Honest to God. Wrote The New Reformation? with a chapter titled "Can A Truly Contemporary Person Not Be An Atheist?"

"Atheism In Our Time", Robert J. McCracken

Theology Today. Vol 23, No. 3. October 1966. http://theologytoday.ptsem.edu/oct1966/v23-3-article1.htm:McCracken Last visited: August 23, 2002

More radical Christian thinkers: Paul van Buren, William Hamilton, Thomas J. J. Altizer.

Vatican II Rufus Jones once wrote a book which he called The Church's Debt to Heretics.

"In what sense is he alive for us?"

They deny the existence of God but nothing is plainer from their writings that they are obsessed by him, as we are not.

Practical atheism

Theoretical atheism

Doubt doubt before you doubt faith.

"Exploring faith in a changed world", Radical Faith

http://homepages.which.net/~radical.faith/subjects/atheism.htm Last visited: August 22, 2002

Atheists' arguments are on no weaker ground than believers' are.

If it's your experience that God exists, I must acknowledge the validity of your inner truth.

Emil Fackenheim: Faith in this sense can "never be destroyed by tragedy, but only tested by it." Paul Tillich and Bishop John Robinson. Established by Paul Tillich. God is the "Ground an epth of Being" who is "out there" as the sustaining basis of the universe and "in here" as a divine personal presence. Radically transcendent, versus inner experience

Honest to God

Our images of God are interpretations we make, an we must take full responsibility for them anthropomorphism

Robert Funk (Honest to Jesus)

Martin Buber, I and Thou

D. Z. Phillips in Faith After Foundationalism (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1995), pp. 102-106 raises specific objections to Van Til's a

Bertrand Russell, Why I am Not a Christian

Don Cupitt

Robinson draws heavily upon Tillich


What do I believe?

What don't I believe?

How does that relate to Robinson's article?