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    Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated.
    You'll need the following files:

    - remind.el - put this somewhere in your load-path or in your home directory. - plan2rem - make this executable and put it somewhere in your path (/usr/local/bin, for example) - rem2diary - make this executable and put it somewhere in your path (/usr/local/bin, for example) - the remind program, available as a Debian package (and probably as an RPM) - Emacs, of course.

    Load remind.el, and you should be fine. Actually, thinking about it, I should move the planner parsing to after publishing...

    You might need to add the following to your .emacs:

    (add-hook 'list-diary-entries-hook 'include-other-diary-files)

    Thanks to Arthur Vanderbilt for the reminder!

    WARNING. This will automatically overwrite your diary-file (usually ~/diary). Please exercise caution.

    Setting it up

    • Edit ~/.reminders and add or append the following:
    INCLUDE .reminders.planner
    RUN ON
    • Place plan2rem and rem2diary in your path. /usr/local/bin or $HOME/bin (if in path) are good locations.
    • Put remind.el in a directory in your load-path.
    • Add this to your .emacs:
    (require 'remind)

    How to specify a reminder in your planner file

    In a day planner file (, like 2002.10.08), appointments can be of the form:

    hh:mm | Your message here


    hh:mm | Your message here (hh:mm)

    where ending time is parenthesized.

    Generate a reminders file

    The reminder and diary files are automatically regenerated when you save a planner file. If you want to change this behavior, read remind.el

    Check your reminders

    M-x diary RET

    to see the reminders.

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