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B1CAllow remember-to-mail {{Tasks:272}} (2004.02.13)
C1CAdd note IDs so that I can easily cross-reference notes. {{Tasks:81}} (2004.02.13)
A1XDownload the RSS specification {{Tasks:90}} (2003.11.22)
A2XMake M-x remember-to-planner-plan-page default to the current planner page {{Tasks:142}} (2003.11.27)
A3XDocument my use of RememberEl {{Tasks:80}} (2003.11.29)
B2XUpdate the emacs-wiki entry. {{Tasks:82}} (2003.11.22)
C2XPackage remember-el for Debian {{Tasks:83}} (2004.01.26)



7. Mirrored blogs

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I'm thinking of making it easier for me to blog to my http://www.advogato.org/diary/ . I should look at the blogging Emacs modules to see how (or if) they handle offline operation. I think I can do it like e-mail - queue unsent items in a file, then delete as sent. If all else fails, I can write it as a normal e-mail module, then have a Perl script on the other end upload the e-mailed stuff to http://www.advogato.org .

I guess this belongs more to remember.el than planner.el, as I want to mirror upon remember. =)


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6. Testing it again

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5. Checking xrefs

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If copy-on-xref is nil, then only a cross-reference link should show up on the day page.


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4. Merged the reverse chronological notes into planner.el

Categories: 2003.11.29:1 -- Permalink, Comment form

Having two separate variables controlling this behavior seemed like a patently bad idea, so I've merged them into planner.el's planner-reverse-chronological-notes.


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3. New remember.el coolness: dwim

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See M-x remember-to-planner-plan-page .

RememberEl Xref: 2003.11.27:9

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2. DWIM seems to work

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Getting remember.el to dwim for planner pages will make it easier for me to categorize blog entries, I think.

RememberEl Xref: 2003.11.27:4

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1. How I use remember.el

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I've mapped M-x remember to F9 r SPC with the following elisp snippet:

(global-set-key (kbd "<f9> r SPC") 'remember-to-planner-plan-page-dwim)
Whenever I run across something I want to remember, I simply press the keyboard shortcut for remember. A window pops up, sometimes with an automatic link to the current buffer. I type in a short title and some descriptive text, hit C-c C-c, and the note gets saved to today's planner page. If I want it published on the Net right away, I synchronize my HTML files with those on the web server.

I used to have a lot of code in my remember-config.el because I hacked in timestamps for my blogging, but now that I'm the official maintainer of remember.el, I've moved that code into the main file. My remember-config.el as of 2003.11.24 contains:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/notebook/emacs/remember/")
(require 'remember-planner)
(require 'planner)

;; Use BBDB to complete names and addresses
(setq remember-handler-functions '(remember-planner-append))
(setq remember-annotation-functions planner-annotation-functions)
which essentially just chooses planner as my remember backend. There are other backends, like mailbox and file, but I prefer planner because I like blogging.

remember.el makes it very easy for me to remember random things I run across in my Emacs session or even while browsing in Mozilla. I paste URLs into it, I type reflections into it, I yank whatever interesting text I run across into it. I'm glad I publish this information on the Net - many people have written about notes they found useful or suggestions to help me with what I'm working on!

I wrote the planner-search-notes function in planner.el to make searching through remembered notes easier. It works quite well - just give it a regular expression and see it go through all the notes. I plan to make PHP versions that allow other users to search through my pages - see the PlannerMode planner page for more details.

remember.el seems to be pretty stable right now. I added a few major things when I took over as maintainer - better planner.el integration, reverse-chronological ordering - but right now, it capably satisfies my needs for a blogging tool. I'm working on extending PlannerMode to publish RSS feeds as well, although I might also create an RSS extension for remember.el. Right now I'm very happy with the planner backend, but if other people would like their favorite backend to be supported, please comment in the form below or e-mail me at sacha@sachachua.com . (records-mode, perhaps?)

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