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B3XGo to AJWCC and pick up video annotation thing {{Tasks:903}} {{Schedule:13:30-14:30}} (2004.04.26)

Grad school

personal information management wearable computing limited output devices: speech synthesis, small-screen output the effect of automatic context-sensitive hyperlinking mac os x

Statement of Purpose

5-minute talk

Project description

Context-aware just-in-time information capture and retrieval

(Making it easier to remember)

Current personal information managers

Work plan

Project components


Context-aware just-in-time information capture and retrieval

Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (http://discs.ateneo.net)

Ateneo de Manila University

April 1, 2004

Faculty research plan presentation

Sandra Jean Chua


Presentation outline Introduction and motivation Specialization opportunities in

Information capture just-in-time Information retrieval implicit queries information visualization Methodology Project components Validation framework (supporting tools required) Work plan Status of work Related projects

Introduction and motivation


Personal information managers



Information capture

Information retrieval

Specialization opportunities

Information capture

Information retrieval

Implicit queries

Information visualization


Project components

Validation framework

(Supporting tools required)

Work plan

Status of work

Related projects

Other notes

Over the last year, I have been the primary maintainer of a personal information manager written in Lisp for GNU Emacs, an extensible editor available on all major platforms. This planner was originally written by John Wiegley, a software developer in the United States, who passed maintainership of planner and related modules to me after I actively contributed patches and new features.

I'd like to talk about the unique features of this personal information manager, and my plan for developing it into a full-fledged research project in the areas of knowledge management, information capture, and information retrieval.

Let me first share my experiences with personal information managers like Microsoft Outlook and Ximian Evolution. Although it may surprise some people here, I once used to live all of my (computing) life within Outlook. That is, I used it to manage my tasks, my e-mail, and my calendar. I even experimented with its Journal feature, although I found it to be less useful than I had hoped. I found both it and Ximian Evolution limiting. It was cumbersome to create a task based on a message, cumbersome to work with external applications, and impossible to use without a mouse or on a different platform. I found the structure of these personal information managers restricting in that they forced me to think carefully about the information I wanted to record before recording it. The process of switching to another application and navigating to the correct window not only distracted me only from the information I needed to record--a task or note created in response to a received phone call, for example--but it also distracted me from the work I was doing at the moment. Simply put, these personal information managers got in my way.

Planner, the personal information manager I maintain, works with semi-structured text with simple markup rules that allow me to easily specify hyperlinks.

Now we come to the important part: context-aware just-in-time information capture.

I and several dozens of people around the world use Planner as part of our daily Emacs use.