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CS21A-BMW 8:30 - 9:30 F 7:30 - 9:30 (F-227)
CS110-AMWF 10:30 - 11:30 (CTC215)
CS21A-GMWF 11:30 - 12:30 (F-228)
CS139.3-AWF 1:30 - 2:30 (CTC-214) M 1:30 - 3:30 (CTC-215)



A4CFind faculty manual. Try to remember where I put my TFI things... {{Schedule:21:00-22:00}} (2004.07.29)
B4CReply from E-Mail from Janice Lagaso (2004.07.19)
B0CWrite down final results from ACM simulated contest, notes for next teacher (nil)
B1CReply from E-Mail from Christopher San Diego (nil)
B2CCheck crystal ball (nil)
B3CCheck guessing game (nil)
A2XSend feedback to all of the CS21A students (2004.06.21)
A3XCreate labs (2004.06.22)
A4XPost feedback for CS21A (2004.07.01)
A2XWrite CS21A specifications by 2004.07.31 (2004.07.30)
B5XReply from E-Mail from Dominique Cimafranca (2004.06.22)
B6XRemind Kathlyn and Roy in CS21A-G about bouncing mail from E-Mail from MAILER-DAEMON@relay.communilink.net (2004.06.23)
B7XCheck induction quiz (2004.06.24)
B8XReply from E-Mail from Richi's server (2004.06.25)
B9XGive feedback for Converter and Calculator projects (2004.06.27)
B10XPrepare test data for minicontest tomorrow (2004.06.27)
B11XWrite labs for conditionals (2004.06.28)
B12XPost contest results and sample data (2004.06.28)
B13XReply from E-Mail from Lori Uy (2004.06.28)
B14XTry to arrange for an open source talk in addition to or instead of a wearable computing talk (2004.06.29)
B15XWrite abstract for simputer stuff (2004.07.01)
B16XInform the other people in the department (2004.07.05)
B17XWrite my resignation letter (2004.07.05)
B18XPrint and sign letter (2004.07.06)
B19XReply from E-Mail from Dominique Cimafranca (2004.07.07)
B20XAttend departmental meeting {{Schedule:15:30-16:30}} (2004.07.07)
B21XPrepare lab for tomorrow (2004.07.08)
B22XPrint out copies of Arbitrage and Kissin' Cousins (2004.07.08)
B23XPrepare problem for CS139.3 (2004.07.12)
B24XCreate test data for the ACM (2004.07.19)
B25XPrint out three problems for the ACM (2004.07.19)
B26XPrepare project specifications (2004.07.21)
B27XPrepare problems and test data (2004.07.24)
B28XGive 5-minute talk in F204 about computer science and mis program (2004.07.24)
B0XRead CS21A project specifications (2004.07.26)
B0XAttend meeting about CS21A {{Schedule:15:30-16:30}} (2004.07.26)
B0XCreate cs21ag2004 yahoogroup (2004.07.28)
B0XCheck CS110 quiz (2004.07.28)
B0XReturn book to library {{Schedule:16:00-16:30}} (2004.07.30)
B0XCheck and tabulate CS21A-B quiz on local variables (2004.07.30)
B0XVisit Fr. Nebres and thank him {{Schedule:14:00-14:30}} (2004.07.30)
B0XPrint out reviewers {{Schedule:15:00-16:00}} (2004.07.30)
B0XFix courses.ateneo.edu (2004.08.05)
B1XCome up with grades for CS21A-B (2004.08.06)
B0XPick up faculty clearance from accounting (2004.08.12)
B1XCome up with grades for CS21A-G: Shapes (2004.08.15)
B29_Prepare report for Simputer (2004.06.16)
B30CSend objects presentation to other CS21A faculty {{Tasks:1035}} {{Schedule:13:30-14:00}} (2004.05.11)
A6XClear my desk! (2004.06.02)
A7XFinish planning seminar for the ComputerSocietyOfAteneo (2004.06.05)
A8XFollow up with IBM re ACM ICPC (2004.06.06)
A9XReturn programming languages book, have it moved to reserve--can't do that while the library is closed (2004.06.13)
A10XTransform AISIS class data (2004.06.17)
A11XPrepare test data (2004.06.20)
A12XPick problems for the contest (2004.06.20)
A5XAdd Eclipse to the JavaCd (nil)
B31XPick up stuff for Ranulf and Diane from my cubicle {{Tasks:1039}} {{Schedule:14:00-14:30}} (2004.05.07)
B32XCheck out my schedule for the first semester {{Tasks:1034}} {{Schedule:13:30-14:00}} (2004.05.08)
B33XReview CS139.3 syllabus from E-Mail from Eric Vidal (2004.06.04)
B34XReview CS110 syllabus from E-Mail from Eric Vidal (2004.06.04)
B35XDraft syllabus for CS21A (2004.06.06)
B36XCost accommodations for Seoul and Taipei (2004.06.07)
B37XCheck if faculty day conflicts with IT forum from E-Mail from Cha Gascon (2004.06.07)
B38XAsk Jal about a moodle account from E-Mail from William Yu (2004.06.08)
B39XMeet Dr. Sarmenta and present lab activities {{Schedule:14:00-16:00}} (2004.06.09)
B40XReview modified syllabus from E-Mail from Pablo Manalastas (2004.06.11)
B41XPrepare for CS21A (2004.06.14)
B42XMeet for CS21A from E-Mail from Christine M. Amarra (2004.06.14)
B43XDepartmental meeting from E-Mail from Lisa Agbay {{Schedule:15:30-17:30}} (2004.06.16)
C1XAsk for my e-mail to be forwarded (2004.06.04)