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B2CWatch Troy with Calen and the others (2004.05.15)
B3CAttend #debian-women IRC meeting at 0600 JST / 2100 UTC: E-Mail from Erinn Clark (2004.11.21)
B4CReply: E-Mail from Yasuhara Takeshi (2004.12.07)
B0CMeet JC Helary (2004.12.18)
A1XReply to Byron's letter {{Tasks:990}} (2004.05.06)
B5XHave dinner and watch a movie with Ranulf and the others {{Tasks:1033}} {{Schedule:20:00-22:00}} (2004.05.08)
B6XBuy tickets to Shrek 2 {{Schedule:11:00-12:00}} (2004.05.21)
B7XEat ice cream with Peppy and Marcelle at Rustan's Katipunan {{Schedule:10:00-12:00}} (2004.06.02)
B8XAttend Marcelle's class at B307 {{Schedule:15:00-16:30}} (2004.07.06)
B9XAttend get-together at Gerry's Grill {{Schedule:20:00-22:00}} (2004.07.09)
B10XMeet Ranulf and Mario for Ranulf's birthday party (2004.07.17)
B11XMeet Carl {{Schedule:17:00-19:00}} (2004.07.22)
B12XCall up Baryon (2004.08.06)
B13XReply to Sean from E-Mail from Sean Uy (2004.09.08)
B14XWrite Takagi-sama with a correction to the pages from EmacsWiki (2004.10.02)
B15XExpress profuse thanks to Kato-san (2004.10.04)
B16XFind out if Tomoko can come on Fuji trip from E-Mail from Chiba Tomoko (2004.10.04)
B17XSend card to Tita Raquel from Raquel and Rina Nakayama {{Schedule:18:00-18:30}} (2004.10.05)
B18XReply to Tomoko from E-Mail from Chiba Tomoko (2004.10.07)
B19XReply about wifi and life from E-Mail from Paolo Vanni M. Veテアegas (2004.10.09)
B20XReply about wifi and life from E-Mail from Paolo Vanni M. Ve蜊脇gas (2004.10.09)
B21XReply to nice letter from E-Mail from Dominique Cimafranca (2004.10.18)
B22XGive calendar to JC Helary (2004.10.31)
B23XPack overnight bag for bus trip with Tomoko (2004.11.01)
B24XReply: E-Mail from JC Helary (2004.11.04)
B25XReply: E-Mail from suzume (2004.11.04)
B26XCheck out Ranulf's e-mail interview: Chat with stryderranulf on testing.bitlbee.org (2004.11.04)
B27XReply: E-Mail from Celsus Kintanar (2004.11.04)
B28XReply about IT from E-Mail from Jimmy Carlos (2004.11.04)
B29XWrite Sean e-mail (2004.11.08)
B30XFind diplomatic way to deal with problem with Marcelle (2004.11.15)
B31XReply about Knoppix slides: E-Mail from Jopoy C. Solano (2004.12.07)
B32XAttend nomikai: TLUG MEETINGS {{Schedule:19:00-21:00}} (2004.12.10)
B4XSend thank-you for book and card to Tanaka-sensei from Hakkushu trip (2004.12.11)
B0XReply: E-Mail from dds (2004.12.18)
B0XCheck out: Scriviner's Fortress Journals (2004.12.18)
B33XReply re skype: E-Mail from Ryan Kristoffer Tan (nil)
B34XReply: E-Mail from JC Helary (nil)

Shrek Party


5. Scrabble with Sean

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4. Met Jean-Christophe Helary

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JC Helary is a professional French/English/Japanese translator who handles documents from the countryside. He comes to Tokyo every month for business meetings and whatnot. I met him through the OpenOffice.org translate-ja mailing list.

He showed me OmegaT, a tool for computer-assisted translation. It's an interesting-looking Java project with a bit of room for improvement. I hope I can help out!

Conversation was tons of fun. =D

Nice guy. Saw I was pretty cold (had forgotten to grab my coat when I rushed to work this morning) and lent me a warm sweater. Will return it on Saturday, preferably with a patch or two (code, not sweater).

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3. Nomikai

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The nomikai was tons of fun! I'm looking forward to the next one. I met lots of interesting people. Michael Moyle is into Linux administration and programming, and is looking for a part-time job while he studies Japanese. Michael Reinsch is into component systems research, a higher-level version of aspect-oriented programming. He likes strongly-typed languages. Jeffrey Keays is a Java non-fan and likes PHP and Perl, and is fairly interested in aspect-oriented programming but hasn't really gotten into it beyond reading a few papers, as the main implementations use Java. He likes loosely-typed languages and thinks Ruby is delicious. Thomas Giuffré is his boss. Ken'ichi-san thinks Planner is a bit difficult to use, and is of the opinion that no Emacs-based PIM has quite hit the mark yet. He laughed when he saw his website on my task list. Uekawa-san (dancer,dancerj(IRC)) is a DD who's also going to Kansai Open Source 2004. We swapped GPG fingerprints, so all I have to do now is study for the interview. Moon Ki Cho is Ernest's friend and is interested in Linux, but hasn't really tried it out yet. There was one other girl. I think I was the youngest there.

I particularly enjoyed practicing my Japanese, although I'm still bad at it. =)

I made it back barely in time. I managed to catch a train going all the way to Sangyo Shinko Center, and I even made it before curfew. Whee! I will certainly attend the next one.

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2. Called up Baryon today

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Called up Baryon as promised. We talked about hair, surviving in Japan, grad school...

It's funny how people are stylized in our memories. I remembered him slow, measured, almost drawling. Perhaps even a bit intimidating. But now I think of him almost as I think of the others. He is not as old as I remembered him to be.

It would be nice to see him face to face again. One of these years, perhaps.

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1. Picture from Monty Python Day

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2004/05/01: Monty Python Day

Blogged by Marcelle and Peppy .

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