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9. Better RFC for mail messages

Thanks, Karl Skibinski!

(See, having my work notes online is a Good Thing.)

E-Mail from Karl Skibinski

8. Lurker must do something like this already...

Duh, Sacha.

7. Another point: out of order messages

We should store unresolved message-ids somewhere and fill them in later when we see them.


5. I don't need to worry about mbox parsing yet

I can fake it first for testing, anyway, and worry about mboxes later. In fact, I might even end up having formail do the extraction - but that would be cheating now... ;)


4. Unix MBOX provider for javamail

jmibanezsachac: aha! !
jmibanezsachac: a unix MBOX provider!

3. Apache James

JM Ibanez suggested looking at Apache James and writing a mailet. Nifty idea, if I can get my mind around it!

(I just need something simple. If I get desperate, I'll tokenize the darn thing myself.)

2. SocialNetworkBot

This is where all the magic happens. Starting up the app for every arriving message is probably a bad idea. Better - Java server, then pass it the message.

channel - mailing list

Mailing lists are simpler to track than chat channels. I can work on the References header (and the attribution if necessary).

onMessage: Extract the References header. Find the latest one and root the thread there.

I need a registry of message IDs and authors, then.


  • What about digest users? Should infer based on attribution as well?


1. Social network analysis

I want to run something like this on the PLUG mailing lists. I can reuse their spring model and then build the network based on the References: header.

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