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Script ideas
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A1XSend their work so far {{Tasks:269}} (2003.12.17)
A2XCreate user accounts {{Tasks:268}} (2003.12.17)
A3XPrepare exercises for language basics {{Tasks:267}} (2003.12.17)
A4XMake fake data {{Tasks:263}} (2003.12.17)
A5XPrepare rough outline of course notes {{Tasks:260}} (2003.12.17)
A6XCreate string-processing exercises for phones {{Tasks:271}} (2003.12.18)
A7XCreate more basic exercises {{Tasks:270}} (2003.12.18)
A8XDownload a reasonably large script {{Tasks:284}} (2003.12.28)
A9XPackage everyone's work {{Tasks:282}} (2004.01.15)

Script ideas


7. ANSI manipulation in Perl

You can go to specified (x,y) positions, clear the screen, and output colors by using modules from CPAN. Under Windows, you can do this by installing the Win32::Console::ANSI, Term::ANSIColor, and Term::ANSIScreen modules. For more information about these modules, check out

To learn more about CPAN and how to install modules, check out


6. Proxy problems

Fujitsu's not letting my MSI download. I should have grabbed it at home. Tomorrow, then - just to show them that it _can_ be done... =)

5. Project ideas

Rating system - they've got this already

4. Perl focus

  • Reading source code, testing, adapting software to their own needs
  • 4 programmers

3. Perl for Windows administration

  • Keith_M: One that I use quite often is Win32::AdminMisc by Dave Roth.
  • Keith_M: Win32API::Net
  • Keith_M: Win32::Lanman

2. Oooh, cool way to split

use Text::ParseWords; @new = quotewords(",", 0, $text);

1. Perl training


  • Day 1 morning: What is Perl? Lay of the land
  • Day 1 afternoon: Basic syntax, Perl for extracting data
  • Day 2 morning: Regular expressions, perl as glue - using Perl to connect two programs
  • Day 2 afternoon: Perl as glue - using Perl to connect two programs
  • Day 3 afternoon: CPAN
Why use Perl?
  • quickly extract information from a lot of data
  • write programs that connect two existing programs together
  • take advantage of very rich libraries
Script ideas
  • extracting top phone callers
  • summarizing surveys

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