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A1XPrepare CS21AFirst03:Exercises.FiveByFive (2003.09.04)
A2XCheck CS123 midterms (2003.09.09)
A3XRe-sort CS123 midterms (2003.09.23)
A4XWrite questions for 2d arrays (2003.10.08)
A5XWrite questions for sorting arrays (2003.10.08)
A6XWrite questions for arrays (2003.10.08)
A7XWrite UML multiple-choice questions (2003.10.10)
A8XPrepare the class diagram for the C++ exam (2003.10.10)
A9XWrite the object-oriented part of the C++ exam (2003.10.10)
A10XWrite the algorithms/tracing part of the C++ exam (2003.10.10)
A11XTabulate the midterms and print out results (2003.10.11)
A12XProvide final feedback on BuyAndSellJApplet (2003.10.12)
A13XDownload all the final game submissions (2003.10.13)
A14XAdd ID numbers to all the CS123 submissions (2003.10.13)
A15XSort the CS123 blue books by ID number (2003.10.13)
A16XReview CS123 final designs for 2003.10.15 (2003.10.15)
A17XFile for new ID {{Tasks:8}} (2003.11.05)
A18XPrepare syllabus for CS21B (2003.11.08)
A19XAdd Robocode to Java CD collection {{Tasks:7}} (2003.11.09)
A20XPrepare syllabus for CS21A (2003.11.09)
A21XPrepare the CS21A website {{Tasks:47}} (2003.11.11)
A22XCome up with a summary for CS21A {{Tasks:117}} (2003.11.23)
A23XCome up with a summary for CS161 {{Tasks:119}} (2003.11.23)
A24XCome up with a summary for CS21B {{Tasks:118}} (2003.11.23)
A25XPrepare the CS21A website {{Tasks:105}} (2003.11.23)
A26XPrepare the CS161 website {{Tasks:48}} (2003.11.23)
A27XPrepare the CS21B website (2003.11.23)
A28XCheck CS21B UML quiz {{Tasks:103}} (2003.11.25)
A29XTabulate results for CS21B UML quiz {{Tasks:104}} (2003.11.25)
B1XMake an objective checklist for CS21A and CS123 (2003.10.07)