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A1PSend Australia visa application to Stars Travel {{Tasks:1031}} {{Schedule:9:00-9:30}} (2004.05.08)
A2CSchedule an appointment with the AU embassy. Oh, good, no personal appearance required. {{Tasks:904}} {{Schedule:19:30-20:00}} (2004.04.22)
A3CSchedule an appointment with the NZ embassy {{Tasks:905}} {{Schedule:10:30-11:00}} (2004.04.22)
B1CPhotocopy Equitable PCI January {{Tasks:1001}} (2004.05.07)
B2CGet salt and vinegar potato chips from Australia {{Tasks:994}} (2004.05.18)
A4XPrepare detailed itinerary for Mom {{Tasks:731}} (2004.04.10)
A5XFile for a leave {{Tasks:863}} (2004.04.14)
A6XPick up approved leave of absence {{Tasks:964}} (2004.04.26)
A7XFinish papers for Australia thing {{Tasks:968}} (2004.04.27)
A8XFinish NZ visa form {{Tasks:975}} (2004.04.27)
B3XCome up with an itinerary from TripToAuAndNz {{Tasks:672}} (2004.03.14)
B4XEncode all the financial information {{Tasks:999}} (2004.04.29)

Tentative itinerary

May 17Mon-
May 18Tue-
May 19WedSydney: University of New South Wales
May 20ThuSydney: University of Sydney
May 21Fri-
May 22Sat-
May 23SunMelbourne: Monash University
May 24MonMelbourne: University of Melbourne
May 25TueMelbourne: RMIT
May 26Wed-
May 27Thu-
May 28FriBrisbane: Bond University



University of Melbourne

Important contact: Alistair Moffat

Homepage Finding and Topic Distillation using a Common Retrieval Strategy", "Personal information management in the digital age", Bell, Moffat, Proc. 22nd Australasian Computer Science Conference, Auckland, January 1999. Abstract. "Information Filtering Techniques under the Vector Space Model",

Monash University

Artificial intelligence, computing education, audiovisual information processing, reasoning under uncertainty

RMIT Document management, artificial intelligence, human-computer communication

Information retrieval Text databases Search engines

La Trobe University

Flinders University graphical interfaces, hypermedia, artificial intelligence

Bond University

Information systems: Topic maps

University of Technology, Sydney

Information sharing in computer workspaces

The computer-based workspace provides easy access to key documents and databases, and various versatile means of discussion between users. Importantly, it can be readily customised. (more...)

University of Sydney

intelligent, personalised teaching system, with particular concern for support of learner reflection and focused in two domains, the teaching aspects of computer science that are core to building internet technology and in teaching medicine, especially those aspects which will be well supported by a smart internet. # Knowledge sharing systems # Spatio-Temporal Data Mining (algorithms and applications) Content management systems on the world wide web Open source software (OSS) development: Models of project performance


New Zealand




4. Preparation

Get a YHA card Get sheets

Brisbane first

Skytrans shuttle bus between transit center and airport (tel 3236 1000), fare 6.50 Getting around: Off-peak saver card, $4 or buses at $1.40 a trip

  • Brisbane Visitors Accomodation Service, 3rd level of transit center (tel 32362020), 7-6pm weekdays and 8-5 weekends)
  • Internet: Central City Library, $4 per hour
  • Second-hand bookshop: Archives Fine Books (40-42 Charlotte Street)
  • Second-hand bookshop: Emma (82A Vulture St., West End)
  • Crafts Village at South Bank (Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday until 5 pm)
  • Eagle St. Pier, Sunday morning handicraft market

Bus to Sydney. 17 hours. ! 69 to 75. Try Premier Pioneer Motor Services

  • Around Sydney: Get a Green Travel Pass $28 for the week
  • Internet: Travellers Contact Point (7th floor, 428 George St.), Backpackers World (212 Victoria St., Kings Cross). 175 Liverpool St. opposite Hyde Park (24h).
  • Dymocks: 424-426 George St.
  • Gould's, 33 Kng St., Newtown (second-hand)
  • Powerhouse Museum, behind the Sydney Exhibition Center, 500 Harris St., Ultimo 10 am - 5 pm, $8
  • Hostel: ~ 20/25.

Bus to Melbourne: 12-13 hour, Firefly Express (9211 1644) 45-50 Ask if I can get a discounted train ticked, 10.5 hours, $93 economy

  • From airport: $9 Skybus, Bay 30 Spencer St. Coach Terminal to Melbourne Transit Center, every half-hour between 6 am and 10.30 pm
  • Weekly tram ticket, zone 1: $18.60 (get All Day tickets instead if 4 days or less)
  • Angus & Robertson Bookworld, 07 Elizabeth St.
  • Collins Booksellers, 115 Elizabeth St.
  • Dymocks, Bourke and Swanston Sts.
  • State Library (Swanston and Russell Sts., near Latrobe St.)
  • Tram tour, Zone 1 $4.30 per day
  • Scienceworks Museum, 2 Booker St., Spotswood (15 minutes walk from the train station)
  • City Center: Exford Hotel Backpacers' (9663 2697) $11

3. Free NZ visa

On the plus side, our country has a bilateral fee waiver agreement with NZ for visitor's visas not exceeding 59 days. That's good.

2. NZ

How can I make an appointment? Tuesday afternoon, 10:00 a.m.? Hey, no one's picking up at the NZ embassy. Lodging: 9:00 - 12:30, no appointment Follow-up, call the visa officer after 1:30

1. Scheduling an appointment with the AU embassy

I need to call 1909 362 2779 using an NDD-capable line to set an appointment. I guess that means I should do this with Mom tonight.

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