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A1_Download a magazine-ad like thing that treats computers as a very new thing (2003.09.06)
A2XGet an image of a mainframe computer (2003.09.05)
A3XFind an image of cybernetic research (2003.09.05)
A4XFind an image of a really, really small computer (2003.09.05)

Speech draft

Good morning, everyone! I'm Sacha Chua from Ateneo de Manila University. I'm glad to have an opportunity to talk to you about wearable computing - what it is, what you can do with it, and how you can get started.

What is wearable computing?

Before I talk about wearable computing, I'd like to take you first on a very, very quick tour of computer history so that we get an idea of how quickly things change and how much technology has affected our lives.

Computer history (10 seconds)

Computers have gone from very, very big to very, very small.

(2 seconds)

How has technology changed our lives? (30 seconds)

This is the information age.

Information is power.

Technology changes the way we do things. Information is power.

The next step: wearable computing



as natural as putting on clothes, or checking your watch for the time, or talking to a good friend - someone who knows your likes and dislikes


different devices

What can we do with wearable computing?

How can we get started?

Big budget? No!