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1. Indexer for planner notes

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Just realized that planner-search-notes with a match-all will do perfectly well. I don't have to do this yet, then. =)


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B0CWrite an indexer for planner notes (2004.06.01)
(*Note*: I think I want to work on this for my PhD. Implicit queries for personal information management.)

Speech-based implicit queries for conversational support

A wearable computer can assist human-human interaction by monitoring keywords in the conversation and suggesting relevant information, which will be presented in the background (visual, monophonic audio, spatially-located audio). A limited-vocabulary speaker-dependent engine recognizes names and keywords associated with personal information management while the user talks to other people.

Usage scenario

(When would people want to use something like this? Who would use this? You can use this when you run into friends you hadn't seen in a while, but ungeek girls probably aren't the market for this device yet.)

Phase 1: Keyword recognition and menu navigation

Keywords for information retrieval Testing

Phase 2: Information aggregation

Finding related material

Phase 3: Named entity disambiguation

Further work

Related projects

Name recall

Rapidly browse a list of faces and names in order to find out who you're talking to. Keyword-search, name-fragment search (keypad, letters) (Also: audio notes, links to more information.)

Good for teachers. <laugh>