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B_Schedule info-dump for APC on 2005.02.26 : E-Mail from Paolo Alexis Falcone (nil)
B_Plan advocacy trip to Davao; get in touch with Holden and Levy : E-Mail from Levy Dano (nil)
B_Plan advocacy trip to Baguio; get in touch with Mhac, Jopoy and Mario : E-Mail from Mhac Janapin (nil)
BXFollow up on Cebu Pacific airfare discount : E-Mail from Gideon N. Guillen (2005.01.26)
BXReply about computer literacy through cybercafes : E-Mail from Levy Dano (2005.02.14)
BXWrite down all my contacts from the OSSA conference (2005.03.14)
BXSend organization info to jsgotangco (2005.04.28 oss advocacy)


1. Advocacy plans

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I will be home in a month!

I am overflowing with ideas I want to share with people, and I'm planning to go to different places in the Philippines in order to do open source and computer science advocacy.

I don't need to speak to large audiences, although I can do that if I'm part of a larger event. If I spoke in front of a large audience all day, I'd bore them--better to reserve that for smaller audiences so that I can adapt to people better. I don't need a grand event. I just need to be there, meeting people, asking questions, exchanging ideas...

I can start with a small thing. I can talk about computing on XTs if that's all they have. I can assume zero background on Linux or even computing if necessary. It's just that I'm mobile (aka unemployed) in a position to do something cool, and I can't let the opportunity pass.

Summertime would be best. That would mean I'd have to raise PHP 10k for airfare or so. There's a Cebu Pacific Air thing running until March 15, but I won't get to talk to teachers and students then, so it might be better to spend that time with my family, use all March to prepare really good presentations, and head off during April so that I can talk to lots of people.

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